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Week 28
~ Third Trimester . . . Finally

Woohoo!!!! I just finished my first week in the third trimester. Only 12 more weeks to go, ugh. I really hope this kid comes early. I'm ready to have him here and get settled into a new routine and bring him into our family. I'm also tired of being pregnant. I can't say it's anything specific about the pregnancy but this time I am definitely feeling it more. My body is more tired and achey. I've been making Hannah walk more and I've stopped lifting and holding her as much because my back and body can't take it. I'm not sleeping terribly well and I'm just ready to be done. I certainly don't want the baby to come right now, but 1.5 to 2 weeks before his due date would be okay.

I got a new swimsuit this week, finally. It isn't a maternity suit but it's going to have to work for now. I ordered a tankini from Land's End. My last swim suit was a Land's End and I have been very happy with it for years. It lasted way beyond any other suit I have ever owned and was very supportive and comfortable. The suit I ordered is a tankini with an underwire bra. I'm not super happy about a tankini because it's just not my style but I really think it's going to work well for me. A tankini allows me some "room to grow" and has the bust support that I need. I'm going to try to get back into the pool this week and get Hannah signed up for swim lessons in the spring session.

Our bathroom project still isn't completed. I am partly to blame for it because I've second guessed my decision on the shower curtain and now I want to go return all the stuff I bought and get something different. Even with my delay I still don't think that the bathroom will be completed before the new baby gets here. Sean and I are pros at starting projects and never completing them. For example, I like to cross stitch. I'm not super good at it but I enjoy it and I have a few outstanding (maybe even aggressive) projects that I have started and haven't completed. One in particular is a wall hanging of Beatrix Potter alphabet letters. Each square has a letter of the alphabet and a Beatrix Potter character. I started this as a blanket, meant for a gift for my nephew . . . who will be 11 in July. I'm still only on the letter E. So based on my history of unfinished projects and Sean's similar history, I don't think the bathroom will ever truly be completed.

On the baby front... I think he's going to be a soccer player. Even if he's not, he's still a very active little boy. Hannah liked to move and kick and she had very specific times of the day when she liked to move and be active, I could almost set my watch on it. This little guy is completely unpredictable and strong. There will be times where he has been completely still for hours and WHAM! My stomach looks like an alien is about to shoot out of it. I don't ever remember being able to see my stomach move so much at such an early stage in my pregnancy with Hannah.

One question/concern I have had with regard to the baby and Hannah is "How do I do everything with two kids?" I've been thinking about grocery shopping and going to the mall, park and zoo. How do I do it with two? With just Hannah it was a breeze. I kept her in her car seat/carrier and snapped her into the stroller or shopping cart. Right now Hannah still needs her stroller and I suspect that she will need it for a while yet. I've thought that perhaps I should just get a sling or carrier and put the new baby in that and keep Hannah in the stroller. That should work okay for the summer and we can figure something else out for the winter if need be. But I'm not too sure about how I'll feel carrying the baby around. He won't be very heavy but given the problems I've had with my back during the pregnancy, I'm not so sure it's a wise move. My other thought has been to buy a double stroller that the car seat/carrier can attach to. I'm also not sold on that option either though. A double stroller would be very easy to take two kids around in but it's kind of big and bulky to store. I'm also not sure how easy it is to maneuver with kids in it and they are pretty pricey. I've been looking at them on e-Bay but even used ones can be expensive, especially with shipping. I'm going to keep an open mind and look around some more, hoping the right thing just falls into my lap.

Sean's step-sister arrived in town from New York on Monday. Hannah will get to meet her first younger cousin this week. She's never really had the opportunity to see a baby up close so I am wondering how she'll react. The baby is almost four months old so he'll be a lot bigger than our baby will be when we first bring him home but it will still be cool to see what Hannah thinks of him.

Next Tuesday I have another appointment with my OB. I'm kind of excited about it. I haven't seen the OB in almost two months because I saw the nurse last time. And it won't be long before I start bi-weekly appointments, which means I am getting closer and closer to meeting the newest man in my life.

- Stacie

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