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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Happy Easter

** Disclaimer... I started writing this journal Wednesday morning and finished Thursday afternoon. It may be a little bit difficult to follow and I am sure I've left a lot of things out. Sorry. **

Wow, I am so happy that I saw a Chiropractor. I should have done it a long time ago. I am feeling so much better, at least as good as when I was doing physical therapy but this time I've seen results much more quickly than with PT. I was well enough to get all the packing done in time for our Easter trip and I was able to equally share the driving with Sean. The only kink in our plans was the weather! I absolutely don't get it, March was a very nice month and we had many days that were in the 70s and even a couple that made it into the 80s. I would have expected April to be almost as nice, or at least to not have snow! It snowed our entire drive up and when we arrived there we found over a foot of snow on the ground. It continued to snow while we were there and added another 4 inches before we left on Sunday. I should have brought shovels for the Easter baskets rather than bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

Other than the snow, we had a wonderful time at my mom's house. It was great spending time with my sister and her family and of course, seeing my mom is always wonderful. We also started up the “should we get a dog” debate again. Hannah absolutely loves dogs and has so much fun with my mom's dogs but it's a responsibility we're not ready for, with a new baby coming so soon. I think if Sean and I could agree on a breed we'd have gotten a dog a long time ago.

The rest of the week has been an emotional roller coaster. Saturday afternoon my uncle died. He's my father's brother. He was only 48 years old. They think he had a heart attack but the autopsy results aren't back yet. It's such a tragedy. He was so young and he left behind a wife and 2 daughters, ages 12 and 7. My grandmother is very distraught. I can't imagine the grief a parent must feel at losing a child, no matter what the age. The first viewing was on Tuesday, then another was scheduled for Wednesday with the funeral to be held Thursday.

I guess I should give a little bit of background on my family before I get too far into this story. I have not seen most of my father's family in 8 years or more. My parents divorced about 8 years ago and since then the only person I have had contact with, besides my father, is my grandmother. So, I never was particularly close to my uncle and I had only seen his 12 year old once in my life and I had never even met his youngest.

So, on Tuesday I went to the visitation while Sean was still at work. My dad was supposed to be there but ended up getting lost on the drive down. I saw my grandmother, who was terribly upset, and met and saw family I haven't had any contact with in years. While I was sitting with my grandmother, my father came in (about an hour late). And who was standing right beside my father??? His girlfriend, the reason my parents divorced . . . if you know what I mean. I was absolutely floored. I've never even met the girlfriend before and my dad doesn't usually even talk about her. My dad and I had talked several times on Tuesday and he never gave me ANY warning that he would not be arriving alone.

I know this event was not about me and I wasn't even close with my uncle but it was a very emotional time just the same. My emotions are already off the charts from being pregnant and to have my dad spring her on me, knowing how I feel, was very upsetting. I'm completely exhausted and I need a nap. I know this entry is ending a bit suddenly but I'll write about the funeral and my OB appointment and ultrasound next time.

- Stacie

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