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Week 34
~ Movin' Along . . . Slowly

I can't believe my 34th week is over already. It seems that for so long I thought this pregnancy would last forever. Now here we are in May and I barely have 1 month left till our son will be here. I'm living each day as if he will arrive this month. I know I should expect him to be late, since Hannah was over due, but if I have that attitude nothing will ever get accomplished. Right now it's hard enough to get motivated to do anything of consequence because of the beautiful weather. Hannah and I have been spending a lot of time outside and all I want to do is lay in the hammock and rest or read.

I had another appointment with my OB this week. It was very unexciting and uneventful. I like those kind of appointments. I lost a pound since my last visit so I don't feel too bad about my huge gain last time. I think it was the stress of everything that was happening with my dad's family and overeating during Easter. At my next appointment I'll have another ultrasound and the Group B Strep test. I really don't know much about what Group B Strep is; I never tested positive with Hannah. From what I recall, Group B Strep is no big deal for the mom to have but it can make a baby very sick. So the doctor has to test for it between 35 and 37 weeks. To do the test the doctor takes a quick swab of the vaginal area and if it comes back as positive I just have to have some IV antibiotics before the baby is born to avoid passing the strep on to him. If it's negative there's nothing to do.

This weekend Sean and I got out and did some yard work. He mowed the front and side yards but didn't make it to the back yet. I did some weeding and pruning of trees and plants. I still have a lot to do but I am not a gardener by nature and with my big belly it's hard to bend and squat to get to the weeds. We could have some beautiful gardens in our yard if either of us knew what we were doing. As it is, we just barely manage to make the gardens look like flower patches rather than weed patches.

We also went to two birthday parties this weekend. One was on Sunday for Sean's step-grandmother and the other was Saturday, for Hannah's friend Elly who just turned 2. Elly is the daughter of Sean's friend from high school. They live about 45 minutes away from here so we don't get together frequently, maybe once every couple of months, but when we do see each other it's always a lot of fun. It's kind of cool now though because when Hannah and Elly were infants the age difference was so apparent. Elly seemed so much bigger and way more advanced than Hannah was. Now, the age difference is barely noticeable. They are very close in their abilities. Both of them can count to 10, they both know the letters of the alphabet and they have similar vocabularies (Hannah's is a little bit wider as far as identifying objects and animals, Elly's is a bit wider as far as communicating wants and needs). Hannah is about the same size as Elly is but she definitely has an element of “baby” to her that Elly has lost. Hannah doesn't seem as steady on her feet and she's got chubby legs and arms with little dimples in them. She has round, chubby cheeks that still make her seem very much a baby. But she sure is growing up quickly.

Sean and I finally do have some names written down for the baby. We're going through the baby name book and writing down anything that we think we might like. Amazingly enough, we only have about 10 names so far and we're half way through the alphabet already. I don't think we'll make a final decision until the baby is born though and we can see what name "fits" his character. Hannah wasn't a Hannah until she was almost two days old but as she grows it's obvious that her name suits her perfectly.

I've been pretty good with the cleaning and organizing aspect of getting ready. I wouldn't necessarily say that I am "nesting" but since my back isn't hurting I can do more than I could before. I can't do a lot of bending or stooping over but I can lift more and sort and organize things. I can't guarantee that everything will stay clean or organized until the baby gets here but we've got a good start on things. Our bathroom project really is almost completed. I'm actually the one holding things up this time. I have to finish filling in some small holes in the wall and then do touch up painting. Sean has started showering in the bathroom but I refuse to use it until I can call it 100% completed, which should be next week. I'll keep you posted.

- Stacie

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