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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ False Labor

I have never been so grumpy to see a week end. The main reason is because of false labor; I hate that term. It makes me feel like an idiot for thinking I am in labor and being wrong about it.

The week started out fine, normal aches and pains of pregnancy but nothing I haven't been experiencing for a while. I lost my mucus plug on Tuesday. It was something I was completely prepared for but still pretty gross. My mucus plug was just a big ball of dark green "snot." It didn't have any blood in it; it just looked like a huge gob of snot from a terrible cold but way bigger than anything my nose could ever produce. Sean and I continued to work on preparing for the baby, organizing rooms, washing baby clothes, packing the hospital bag, etc. taking the mucus plug as a sign of impending delivery.

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday. My blood pressure was a little elevated and there was protein in my urine. Both are signs of pre-eclampsia. The doctor wasn't especially worried since I have always had excellent blood pressure readings and this was the first time I had protein in my urine. He had the lab take a blood sample and told me to pay attention to how I am feeling and call if I experience any dizziness, headaches that won't go away or blurred vision. In all it was nothing to be too concerned about, just information to take note of. The doctor also checked me. I had not made any progress at all! I was still dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced.

The rest of the week progressed without incident but Friday was quite exciting. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions off and on all day. By afternoon they were getting pretty strong and frequent, even after resting. I had very similar experiences with my labor with Hannah so I thought, "This is it, baby will be here soon." I called Sean and told him not to work late, that I was in early labor. I called my mom and told her that I thought I was in labor and she should come down. My sister even made plans to have someone watch her kids so she could be here too.

Then, everything fizzled out. I had contractions off and on all evening, some were so bad that I couldn't even talk or walk. I had to just grab on to something and breathe through the pain.

When my mom got here, around 10:30pm, things were still going strong but I wasn't ready to call the doctor or go in to the hospital. We sent Hannah over to my in-law's house and decided to go to bed and get some rest. Around 2:15am I was woken up with INTENSE contractions that were lasting a minute long and were only 2-3 minutes apart. I started timing everything and just as I was about to go shower and get ready for the hospital, around 4:00am, I fell asleep because the contractions had stopped. The next morning my mom woke me up around 8:15 and I was still having contractions off and on. My sister drove down and since we hadn't gone to the hospital yet, she decided to stop and do some shopping along the way. We spent most of the day at home, waiting.

Around 2:00pm I decided to call my doctor. I hadn't felt much movement from the baby and I was feeling a little dizzy and headachey off and on. The doctor had me go in to the hospital to have my blood pressure and the baby checked. Everything turned out to be fine. My blood pressure had decreased significantly since my appointment and there was no trace of protein in my urine. The baby was moving and his heart rate was fine. In fact, while I was at the hospital I only had one small contraction. So I was sent home to wait some more.

When we got back to the house my sister was there. She had finished shopping and decided to drive back home (a 4.5 hour drive) since nothing was happening. I decided I was done waiting around to go into labor so we took my mom out for dinner and went shopping at the mall. I got a new laptop, very cool. When we got home, around 9, there was still no activity so we all went to bed.

Stacie, her mom, and HannahSunday morning came and nothing. We all got up and got cleaned up and dressed and went to the zoo. We had a great time! We walked around for nearly 5 hours. Hannah loved seeing all the animals and I was so happy my mom got to spend so much time with Hannah. I think this was actually the first time my mom has been here with my family without my sister and her kids being around. I love having my whole family together but it is quite a different experience when it's one child and all the adults, versus three children. I really had the opportunity to see my mom bond and play with Hannah on our "turf." It was really great to see and Hannah had so much fun.

After the zoo we all came home and most everyone took a nap. I spent time on my new computer creating a slide show of the photos we had taken at the zoo. We got a new camera last week too and I got to try it out at the zoo. My mom and I both got some fabulous pictures. I uploaded them to the computer and created a slide show with music and then burned it to a DVD. It actually turned out pretty well. I was impressed, especially since it was my first time trying anything like that. Included with this journal entry is a photo Sean took of me with my mom and Hannah.

We all went to bed early Sunday night and my mom left for home Monday morning. I'm finishing my journal now and it's Tuesday evening and still no baby. I have an OB appointment on Wednesday and we'll see how things go. Till then, I am just waiting and trying not to feel too stupid about having everyone come down here for the birth and being wrong about it.

- Stacie

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