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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 4
~ Sick

I suppose that when ever a woman takes a pregnancy test and sees the plus sign that says "you're pregnant" it is a shock, even when the pregnancy is planned. It's still a shock to me and I took the test five days ago. Part of the problem is that I don't feel pregnant. I don't have any morning sickness or headaches like I did last time. I am very tired but I think some of that may be that I am sick.

I started last week with a cold; this week I went into the ER because I was having trouble breathing. I had "a severe asthma attack due to Bronchitis." In the ER they gave me a breathing treatment. A breathing treatment is like a constant running inhaler for one hour. I had a mask that was hooked up to oxygen and had a cup with medication attached to it. As the air was pushed into the cup it turned the medication into vapor that I had to breathe in. The doctor was pretty happy with my improvement after the treatment that he sent me home with prescriptions for four medications and strict orders to be off work the rest of the week.

I'm happy I chose to go in and see a doctor because I really was worried about my health and inability to breathe. I told the doctor that I was pregnant and I made sure that the respiratory therapist who gave me the breathing treatment was aware of my pregnancy as well. But part of me is still worried about all the medications and how the baby will be. The doctor checked every medication with my OB and had them all approved but there is still some doubt in my mind. I want to do everything I can to have a healthy baby and I just hope the meds that are helping me aren't hurting the baby.

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