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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5 ~ October 6-12, 2006
~ Tired

Things have been relatively calm on the pregnancy front. I have just started having the very lightest symptoms. One of them is absolute and complete exhaustion. I'm not completely sure it is just a pregnancy symptom because there have been a lot of things contributing to my tiredness. I'm getting over Bronchitis and I went back to work this week. I only work 20 hours a week but things have been getting stressful and we are very understaffed. Hannah came down with a cold this week as well. She has been getting up 1-2 times a night. I have been the one getting up with her because Sean has to work in the morning and he puts in more than double the time that I put in at work. I feel like taking charge of Hannah is more than a fair trade for getting to sleep in.

The other symptom I have noticed this week is food aversions and cravings. I've always been the kind of person who eats and cooks based on what sounds good at the moment. In our house you can never count on having the same meal every Monday or Friday. Lately my aversions have been very strong though. Nothing sounds good, the smell of certain foods hits me with a wave of nausea that could send Shaquille O'Neal running for the bathroom. Needless to say I haven't been cooking a lot.

Sean has been eating spaghetti every night, Hannah is still eating jarred baby food and I have been mostly eating cereal. Cereal is my staple food when nothing sounds good to eat. It might not be the best choice but at least I'm getting calcium with the milk.

My clothes still fit, for now. But every time I button my jeans I can tell they're getting a little more snug around the waist. And after a big meal I get the urge to undo my top button so I have a little more room to breathe. I need to start pawing through the attic and looking for the boxes of my maternity clothes. I have a feeling that I'll be needing them soon.

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