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Week 6 ~ October 13-19, 2006
~ Parting is Such . . .a Relief

I used to tell everyone that I was so lucky to have the best of both worlds with my job and my daughter. I had a great job that I loved doing. I enjoyed my co-workers, got along well with my boss and I felt like I made a difference in the world. And with all that I still got to stay home with my daughter (most of the time) and she never had to go to daycare. Things have changed over the past few months. I'm not exactly sure when it started to go downhill but it did, rapidly. So this week I quit my job. Now I'm staying home full time.

Leaving my job was a very difficult decision for me. I worked for Sylvan Learning Center for over three years. I tutored kids and did some administrative work for the company. Over the past three years I've worked full time and part time and did everything from teaching to testing to creating student curriculum and training teachers. In July the franchise at our center was sold and taken over by a new owner. There were very few changes at first but by the end of August all of our full time staff had changed and my immediate boss, the Director of Education, had left to teach full time in a classroom. One of our teachers was promoted to DE and I was asked to become the Lead Teacher, work more hours and help train the DE.

One month later the DE had quit, we were understaffed and the teachers were getting upset about the changes and lack of communication. People started walking off the job when they got angry about something and one of the teachers yelled at me and belittled me in front of the students when I did something she didn't like. And on top of that the new owners were angry with me for being off for a week with Bronchitis, even when I had a doctor's note that excused me from work.

After work I would come home exhausted and upset. I would spend almost 30 minutes complaining to Sean about how awful things were. He'd been telling me for a while that I should quit and, on Tuesday, I finally did. I told my boss that the job was too stressful, the hours were getting difficult for my whole family and that I needed to be home in the evenings for Hannah (I was usually getting home around 7:30, 7:45 if I had to pick Hannah up first). Then when she asked me to consider cutting my hours instead of leaving I told her that I'm pregnant and I felt that I needed to be home. She understood and asked when my last day would be. I told her I'd stay through the last week in October and make November 2nd my last day.

THEN on Thursday the owners came in and told me not to finish out my two weeks. That I just needed to finish out the day and they'd pay me for the time I was going to stay. They were concerned about the stress on me and the pregnancy. They also asked me to considering coming back as a teacher after the baby is born and things settled down.

So, I'm done working and now I'm a stay at home mom 100% of the time. I feel so relieved to be done with work. I'm sad because I will really miss my students and I never had the opportunity to say goodbye. I wish I could have left on a better note, when things were going well instead of after they had started to fall apart. But I get to be home with Hannah and I don't have to deal with bad attitudes, stress and being understaffed. I'm not planning on looking for another job. I'm going to stay home and start getting things organized for the new baby. We have to clean out our office and turn it back into a bedroom and I'll get to spend time with Hannah before Baby #2 arrives. I think best of all though is that I'm no longer up for 2+ hours in the middle of the night thinking and stressing about work.

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