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Week 7 ~ October 20 - 26, 2006
~ Family

This week Hannah and I went up to Northern Michigan to visit my family. I grew up in Traverse City and moved away when I went to college. I fell in love with Sean and we settled down here, near his family, when we got married. I go back to visit my family as much as I can but my life really is here. I miss my family terribly but I guess that is one of the things a person sacrifices when they fall in love and build a life for themselves. I try to visit every other month for a 4 day weekend. Sean usually stays here while I go up with Hannah. He doesn't like to take the time off work and I have to admit, it's kind of nice to go up there just with Hannah and have a girls weekend with my mom.

I spent a lot of time this trip thinking about the future and what it holds. It's going to be a lot more difficult to travel without Sean when the second baby gets here. Hannah is a good baby but she tends to get tired and fussy near the end of the 4.5 hour drive, I'm not sure how well she'll do with a companion in the back seat with her. It will also be more difficult to stay with my mom. My mom has a 2 bedroom condo, which works well right now, but the guest room has a double bed with a roll away crib in it. I don't know where we'll all sleep when it's Sean, me, Hannah and the new baby. My mom is also running a local zoo. Not really, but she has a dog, a 3 month old puppy, a cat, a hamster and a frog at her house. Most of the time it's not too bad but there are times when her house starts to feel pretty crowded. I usually don't mind it and Hannah LOVES the dogs but I feel bad about adding to the chaos in my mom's house. She's very busy and when we come to visit my nephew usually spends the night at her house one night and my sister and my niece come over to see us. My mom probably feels like she's running a hotel.

Even with all the chaos, driving the long trip . . . alone and being away from Sean I always have a wonderful time. There is something special about having time alone with my mom and watching Hannah with my family. It warms my heart to see Hannah snuggle up to my mom and fall asleep in her arms. One of the things that is so special to me is watching Hannah interact with my sister's children. They are her only cousins, for now.

Sean's step-sister is expecting her first baby in December and his step-brother is expecting his first in April. One lives in New York and the other lives in California and we only see them once or twice a year so Alex and Emilee are the only cousins Hannah knows and they love her so much. They give her hugs and kisses when they see her. They ask to talk to her on the phone. Before she was able to walk on her own they would hold her hand and help her walk around the room. When Hannah whines or fusses Emilee gets her a toy and plays with her. Hannah thinks Emilee is hilarious. She just laughs and giggles so hard when Emilee is around. All Emilee has to do is smile at Hannah to put her into a fit of laughter. I think that has to be what I love best about being with my family . . . seeing the love we have for each other show in how our children interact. What could be better than bringing another baby into a world like that?

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