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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8/9 ~ October 27 - November 7, 2006
~ Ultrasound

This week I had my first appointment with my OB. The office I go to doesn't schedule a first appointment until 8 weeks. At the appointment I saw the OB who delivered Hannah and I had an ultrasound to check the baby. The ultrasound checks early development of the baby and helps to ensure an accurate due date. My appointment was scheduled for November 1st, which would have made me 8 weeks, 4 days. The ultrasound showed that I was actually 9 weeks, 1 day which lined up with the technician's calculations of when my last period was. So I guess I kind of lost half a week somewhere along the way. But I finally have a due date, which I know is a very loose term but I am happy to have a goal. The due date is June 4th. We got ultrasound photos of the baby. I taught Hannah that the photos are a baby. I'm sure she can't actually tell that it is one but when I hold the picture up she says “baby”.

We haven't really shared the news of this pregnancy yet. I've been extremely nervous about this pregnancy because of my bronchitis and the meds I was taking and the fact that I haven't had the symptoms I had with Hannah. I worried so much during my pregnancy with Hannah. She regularly measured small, I had so many ultrasounds and I didn't know what to expect since it was my first pregnancy. I thought I was done with the worrying because this was baby #2, I was more experienced and I knew what to expect . . . WRONG! I don't think it's possible to not worry about a pregnancy. There may be different things to worry about each time but each time the pregnancy and baby are so special that no matter where you are or what you are doing, the health and well being of this unborn child are so important. It's just natural to worry about things that are important.

On the up side I have been done with work and back home for a week now and I am really enjoying it. Hannah's attitude has improved significantly and she started eating table food. She used to be very fussy in the evening, wouldn't eat dinner, and she had stopped sleeping through the night. Since we got home she's been eating well and sleeping through the night again. When we were visiting my mom she got interested in table food and was eating a little with her jarred baby food. Within a few days of being home the only jarred food she'd eat is fruit. The rest of the time she whines and fusses until she gets what we are eating.

I also took Hannah out for Halloween this year. We just went over to Sean's dad and step-mom's house and to our next door neighbors. The rest of the evening Hannah helped me sit on the porch and pass out candy. She enjoyed seeing all the kids and they oohed and aahed over her in her bunny costume. This coming week I am looking forward to getting back into a routine at home and hopefully (fingers crossed) getting back to the Y for my water aerobics class. I had been very good about attending until we all got sick in the beginning of October. But I haven't been since before I knew I was pregnant, yikes!

- Stacie

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