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~ Getting to Know All About Me

Stacie's familyMy name is Stacie. I am 32 years old and a stay at home mom of 2 children, Hannah (4.5 years old) and Daniel (2.5 years old). Both Hannah and Daniel are "StorkNet Babies". My pregnancy journal and birth story were published on the StorkNet website for both kids. Deciding to have a third child was certainly more of a difficult decision for my husband and I than the decision to have our first or second children. When you already have one child of each gender people expect your family to be complete. But it just didn't feel that way for us. So we've decided to add to our family and we're expecting our third child in May.

So, a little bit more about me and my family. My husband Sean and I have been together for almost 13 years, married for 7 years. Sean works in the IT field. He just started a new job in September. Last winter Sean lost his job and started doing some indpendent contracting work until he could find a permanent position. During that time I went back to work as a substitute teacher and Sean stayed with the kids. Before Hannah was born I worked full time. After she came I only worked part time teaching and doing administrative work for a tutoring facility. When I was pregnant with Daniel I quit my job and until last winter I hadn't worked in almost two years. Now that Sean is back to work I am a full-time stay at home mom again.

I enjoyed the opportunity to get back out in the work force last year and I learned a few things about myself too. Although I do miss the social aspect of work, bringing some money into the household and "getting away" from the kids, I missed being home and spending my days with Hannah and Daniel even more. I felt like I was missing out on so much. When I was working I also had the opportunity to think about what I wanted for the future. Did I want to go back to teaching once Daniel went to school? Did I want to have more kids and expand our family of four? Obviously, I decided that I wanted to put off working full time for a while longer and instead expand our family. The only hitch was that my husband was unemployed and we had crummy health insurance with no maternity coverage.

So after a lot of time, thought and prayer I went off the pill in April of 2009. Sean and I waited for my cycles to get regular and still sat on the fence as to whether or not we were really ready to take the plunge into parenthood again. Our decision was mostly financial and had to do with health insurance. We could add coverage to our existing plan and wait three months for it to become active or Sean could find a job with coverage that started right away. We spent most of the Spring and Summer in flex just waiting for a reason to make a decision. It finally came in August.

In early August I was getting together with a group of friends for our semi-monthly book club meeting. One of the ladies (she and her husband are very close friends of ours) announced that she was pregnant, very newly pregnant. She had just taken a test the night before and gotten a positive result. When I was pregnant with Hannah, two of my good friends were also pregnant, and it was a lot of fun being pregnant together. I had hoped that I would be lucky enough to share a pregnancy with other friends again. So Sean and I decided that for one month we would leave things in God's hands and if we got pregnant in that one month, yay. If not, we'd wait for Sean to have a job with insurance and start trying again then.

Well, we just happened to get pregnant that very first month. Our new baby is expected in mid-May, three weeks before Daniel's third Birthday and three months before Hannah's fifth Birthday. The same day I took the pregnancy test was the same day Sean got a phone call with an offer for his new job. I never expected things to work out that perfectly. Once we stopped worrying about it and trying to plan things ourselves, God handled it for us.

More about the kids we already have . . . Hannah turned four in August. She is your typical four year old girl. She loves horses, wearing dresses and Barbie. Hannah is in her second year at preschool and she also takes ballet and tap classes during the week. Next year she will start Kindergarten. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be gone five half days a week for Kindergarten but she is really excited to start taking the bus to school and be one of the "big kids." Daniel turned two in June. He is ALL boy. He is so physical and active. He is pretty well behaved but does get into mischief. Daniel loves cars and trucks and Thomas the Tank Engine. Daniel is every settled in the role of "baby" in our family. He is a "mama's boy" and gets loved on, cuddled and spoiled by me and his sister. I think that the transition into Big Brother is going to be tough for him. At this point he's still in diapers and still sleeping in the crib in the nursery.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure of pregnancy, motherhood and family transitioning. I hope we both enjoy the ride.

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