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Week 19
~ Merry Christmas!

I am so exhausted! I LOVE Christmas; it is my absolute favorite holiday but it is so exhausting. It used to be quiet and relaxing but with having little kids it has become a lot of work.

First, let me say that we did get our tree up before Christmas. On Sunday afternoon we got the tree up and started putting the ornaments on. Throughout the week we finished decorating the tree, got out the nativity, stockings and other decorations. The decorating was finally completed on the 23rd. Not the best timeline but at least we weren't rushing to complete it on Christmas Eve.

On Monday, Daniel had an appointment with an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor). Over Thanksgiving he had a series of antibiotic resistant ear infections and when he had his most recent infection his pediatrician referred him to an ENT. Daniel's appointment on Monday was a follow-up from his last ear infection. The doctor said the infection was gone but D had a significant amount of fluid in his ears so we have another follow up in a month to see if the fluid is still there or not. If the fluid is there we'll start talking about tubes, if his ears are clear I guess we won't do anything.

I'm honestly not sure what I am hoping for. Of course I don't want my son to have surgery but one of the things about Daniel is that he has a speech delay. At his 2 year well visit the pediatrician was very concerned about his speech but shortly after his appointment his vocabulary exploded and he started speaking a lot more. He still has a big problem with clarity though. It's very hard to understand him and he's also a thumb sucker so that doesn't help. At this point I'm not sure if his speech issues are related to thumb sucking, fluid in his ears or just because he has a delay. If it is fluid in his ears though it would be an easy solution. But for now we just wait and do our follow up appointment next month.

We spent the rest of the week getting ready for Christmas. Sean had to be at work every day until the 24th. But Hannah was on winter break so the kids and I were home all week decorating and doing shopping and gift wrapping. On Christmas Eve we hung out at home and finished getting ready for Christmas. In the evening we went to church for the Christmas Eve Candlelight service. After church we had a quiet dinner at home. Then the kids set out cookies for Santa and went to bed early. I was up until midnight finishing the Christmas wrapping and getting the gifts and stockings together. When I was growing up I always wondered why my parents were so tired on Christmas Day, now I know why.

Christmas Day was fun but very exhausting. One of my main requirements of celebrating Christmas is that we spend the morning at home so the kids can do gifts and stockings at home at a leisurely pace without having to rush off to be somewhere. I always make a big breakfast . . . pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs and we open presents after eating. This year we invited Sean's dad and step-mom over for breakfast. They came over and had breakfast with us and stayed until all the presents were open. Once they left the kids spent the morning playing with their new toys and I called my family to wish them a Merry Christmas.

In the afternoon we went to Sean's mom's in-laws. We spent a few hours there hanging out with her family and Sean's brother, who flew in from Texas that afternoon, and then went on to dinner at Sean's dad's house. We had dinner with Sean's dad, step-mom, brother and some extended family. Then we opened presents. By the time we got home that night everyone was tired and overstimulated. All I wanted to do was sleep in and spend Saturday in my pajamas. But... on Saturday we had another Christmas celebration. We spent the day with Sean's mom and step-dad and brother. It was a nice, quiet day and pretty relaxing even though I didn't spend the day in pajamas. We got there in the late morning and the kids played around and watched television for a while. We had lunch together and opened presents. Hannah got a Barbie electric guitar. I think it's one of her most favorite presents this year. In the afternoon we were supposed to go visit Sean's grandmother in the assisted living facility she lives in but we were running late so we're going to reschedule that to some time next week.

Next week is Hannah's final week of winter vacation from school. I'm hoping we can get out to do something fun. I'm not sure what we'll be doing though because Sean's brother is in town until the 1st of January and we have a big New Year's party planned that I have to get ready for. Busy, busy, busy. I guess it never ends.

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