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Week 20
~ Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2009 wasn't necessarily BAD but there were a lot of challenges to it. I hope 2010 is a much more relaxing year, although with a new baby I'm not really sure that's possible.

Anyway, this week was full of excitement and changes. On Monday we visited Sean's Grandmother, the same day we had our first significant snow of the season. The weather and traffic were crummy but the kids had fun getting out and visiting with their great-grandma. It was especially exciting for them because they got to see Sean in the middle of the day and go out to lunch with Grandma, Sean, Uncle Scott and me. Both of the kids moved into new bedrooms this week too. We have a two-story, four bedroom house. All four bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the second floor. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and the second bathroom is shared by the other three bedrooms. When we started having kids we devoted one room as a nursery. We decorated it in a gender neutral theme, Winnie the Pooh, so we could use it for all of our kids without having to redecorate. I am not a decorator. I have no sense of fashion or style and I certainly wasn't going to redecorate the nursery every time we had a new baby.

When we were expecting Daniel we moved Hannah across the hall from the nursery into a new bedroom. Early on we tried a toddler bed and that didn't work so we got a second crib that she used for about six months, then we took the crib out of her room and put a twin bed in. We didn't do a lot of decorating because I just was not up for it. With all the switching around of beds and cribs I mostly just made due with what we had or could borrow. So most of what is in there is primary colors or easy to switch out, like wall stickers and bedding.

Being a girl, Hannah has a lot of clothes and is just about out of closet space. So this week we moved her into the guest bedroom and moved Daniel out of the crib and into Hannah's old room with the twin bed in it. At first Hannah was very excited about moving and having more space for her clothes and toys. She was especially thrilled to choose a new bedding set to go on her "big bed" (a full size bed). But as moving day approached she had trouble with the idea of giving up her room to Daniel. The most difficult thing for her was going to bed in her new room and watching Daniel walk right into her old room and make himself at home. It didn't help that I wasn't prepared to move everything at once. At first I just moved a few toys and books and left most of the kids' things in their old bedrooms. Eventually we got everyone settled and to sleep. I thought everything was going to be fine but in the morning I had a rude awakening.

The morning after the first night in their new rooms I was awakened by Daniel shouting, "Get out, get out!" I thought he wanted someone to help him get out of his bed, that he was so used to a crib he didn't realize he could climb out of bed by himself. I got in there to find him pulling on Hannah's arm trying to get her out of his bed. He looked at me and said, "My bed! Get out Haa." Hannah was laying in the twin bed absolutely refusing to get out. She REALLY wanted to move back to her room and have Daniel take the guest room. I explained to Hannah that if she stayed in her old room she wouldn't get her new horse bedding and that she wouldn't get to keep a lot of her new Christmas toys because there wasn't room for them in the twin room. Well, she finally agreed to stay in the guest room and I spent the rest of the day moving books and toys from one room to the other. By night time Hannah felt more at home and we haven't had any arguments about the rooms since. It's been almost a week now and I think they're going to be okay.

We also had our big New Year's Eve party this week. It was a lot smaller than usual, only 9 adults and 3 kids, but we still had a good time. Our New Year's parties are always family friendly and a lot of fun. The kids play and watch movies and the adults hang around, chat and play board games. We do a toast at midnight and the party is usually over around 2 am. This year Daniel went to bed around 10:30. Hannah made it through the ball drop and finally fell asleep on the couch around 1am. Unfortunately, neither of them slept in much the next morning and I was still up before 8am.

On Saturday, New Year's Day, we spent most of the day cleaning up from the party and relaxing. The kids spent a lot of the day playing with Christmas toys and they both took a nap in the afternoon. In the evening the kids went to my in-law's house and Sean and I went out to a local brewery for a surprise Birthday party for one of his friends. It was so nice to get out and decompress from the holidays. Sean and I don't really get out much together and it was great to have an evening out without the kids.

Next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Hannah's winter vacation is over and preschool starts up on Monday. Sean will be back at work 5 days a week, which will be a big change from the 3 days a week he's been doing. I've really enjoyed having a lot of family time but it will be nice to be on a schedule again.

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you and your family.

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