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Week 21
~ Back to the Grind

Soooo tired. I can't believe how fast this week has flown by. I thought I was going to enjoy having everyone back to their schedules but I forgot how busy I seem to be during the week. Hannah has preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. On Mondays and Fridays Daniel and I usually run errands or do a small outing together, like the library. On Wednesdays I go to a parenting class at our church while Daniel hangs out in the church nursery. Tuesdays are a free day for us and on Thursdays Hannah has ballet class.

This week was a long and exhausting week for everyone. Hannah was very excited to get back to preschool this week. She really enjoyed seeing her teachers and telling her friends about her new Barbie dolls and other Christmas presents. On Monday she came home from preschool exhausted. We had barely pulled out of the school parking lot before Hannah was asking if she could go home and take a nap. And that is exactly what she did. The kids had lunch and by 1pm Hannah was in her pajamas and laying down in bed listening to her night-night music.

On Tuesday we spent the day shopping after Christmas sales and I had to do some gift returns and exchanges. I'm so frustrated with shopping for clothes for Hannah right now. I had to return or exchange almost every piece of clothing she got for Christmas. She is average height but very solidly built and every brand of clothes fits differently on her. Shopping for pants is the worst though. All of the pants I find are way too long and barely fit in the waist. Hannah is right at the edge of a 6x and a 7 but the 7s are either too grown up for her or aren't any larger in the waist, only longer. I think I am going to have to start putting her in dresses just so I don't have to deal with pants any more.

Wednesday I was able to get back to my parenting class. Yay! I really enjoy my parenting class. It's not like a strict class with assignments or homework but it's about 50% social and 50% study. We're there for about an hour and a half. The class leader usually plans a book or video series as our topic. We spend the first 20-30 minutes socializing then we do our topic for 30-45 minutes and at the end we do a little more socializing or discussing topics we bring up, like sleep training or specific discipline issues we're having. My parenting class is my "me" time and I really like that I can do it and enjoy it without taking away family time.

We had another snow storm on Thursday. It wasn't a blizzard but we did get several inches of snow. I let the kids play outside in the afternoon. They were out there for almost 2 hours with one of our neighbor's kids. Then they got to go back out for another hour after dinner while I shoveled the driveway. They had such a great time. We haven't had much snow at all this winter so they have only been out a few times this year. I don't really like snow but it hasn't felt like much of a winter without it.

The weekend was pretty quiet here. I tried to get some of the Christmas decorations down. I didn't get much done, just a few things. The tree is still up, much to the kids' delight. But I did have Sean move the Christmas boxes from the attic to the living room so hopefully I can work on the tree and decorations during the week.

Have a great week!

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