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Week 24
~ Bronchitis

This week has been absolutely, completely and utterly exhausting. I just want to go to bed and sleep for a week. A lot has been going on here.

On Monday I volunteered in Hannah's preschool classroom. I always wondered how Hannah can always say "nothing" when I ask her what she did during the day. Now I know. The morning flew by so quickly I couldn't even remember what we did when Sean asked me in the evening. It was exhausting. I actually took a nap in the afternoon while Daniel was napping.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with my OB. In the morning, before I went to my appointment, I had decided that I would also make an appointment with my general practitioner for that same afternoon. My cold had been getting worse, my chest was feeling tight and I was having trouble breathing . . . classic signs of Bronchitis for me. While I was there the doctor asked me a few questions about how I had been feeling with my cold, did a quick check of my breathing and confirmed . . . Bronchitis. I am on antibiotics and have strict orders to rest. Yay!

Everything is going well with the baby. I really haven't had many problems with the pregnancy. I've been tired but I've got two little kids so I think I'd be tired whether I was pregnant or not. My heartburn isn't getting any better so I have been taking Prilosec OTC. Every time I stop taking it, even for a few days, my heartburn flairs up terribly. I asked my doctor about it and she said I could stay on the Prilosec until I deliver. She also measured my uterus (with a tape measure from my pelvic bone to the top of my uterus) and said I was right on for a 24 week pregnancy. At my next visit I have to take the GTT again.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet and mundane. I spent most of it resting and recovering and shuttling Hannah to and from preschool and dance class. By the weekend I was feeling well enough to catch up on laundry and housework. I'm not feeling 100% yet but I'm getting there.

Have a great week!

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