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Week 25
~ Feeling Better

This was such a busy week. I am feeling so much better and it was great to get back into the swing of things and back to our activities. We did the usual preschool and ballet/tap stuff and several other things this week.

On Tuesday I took the kids back to the gymnastics club for open gym time. They had a lot of fun but they also missed having their friends there to play with. Near the end of the hour Hannah saw one of the coaches doing a make up session with a young girl. Hannah couldn't take her eyes off them. She even tried to get in on the lesson and was following them and copying their movements from a distance. Now she's back to begging to take gymnastics classes again.

Sean and I went to Kindergarten Roundup this week too. It was scheduled in the evening at the school Hannah will be attending in the fall. We learned all about the procedures for getting registered into the school district and all the different forms and records we need to get Hannah ready for kindergarten. I can't believe how much paperwork there is to do. I always thought registering for school was as simple as showing a driver's license, utility bill and your child's birth certificate. Nope! They want eight different records just for us to prove residency. Then we have to provide Hannah's birth certificate and some medical records on top of that to get her registered. I know we have all the papers we need but it will take a few days to put it all together. We have three weeks to get it turned into the school. After that the school starts taking out of district applications and we may get wait listed.

On Thursday the kids and I got together with my friend Marcia and her two kids. We met at a local McDonald's for lunch. The kids played in the Play Place and the moms hung out and chatted. I can't wait until the weather gets better so we can do our outings at the zoo and park again. The Play Place works out okay but some days there are a lot of other kids there, and it's much nicer to be out in the fresh air rather than being stuck inside the whole time.

I also had an appointment with my dermatologist this week. Right after Daniel was born I started having problems with dry hands. My hands were so dry and cracked they were bleeding all the time and I constantly had open cuts on them. No amount of lotion could keep them moisturized. I went to a dermatologist and it turned out that I have eczema on my hands. I've been through two dermatologists and several different creams and lotions over the past 2.5 years. I still haven't found a regiment that works for me so I had another follow up appointment on Friday and I have a new cream to try again.

Daddy and HannahOn Saturday Hannah and Sean went to the Daddy Daughter dance at our church. They had a fantastic time together. Hannah got dressed up in her favorite twirly dress and got her hair done up and her finger nails painted. Sean dressed up in a tux and met Hannah at the bottom of our stairs with a bunch of tulips. She was so excited and felt like such a grown up girl. I've included a picture of them before they left for the dance with this journal entry. While Sean and Hannah were at the dance Daniel and I had a quiet evening in. We ate dinner together and then watched a movie. It was a great evening for everyone.

On Sunday we went to a Super Bowl party. Sean and I are not football people. I'm not sure either of us even knew who was playing in the Super Bowl before we went but we had a great time hanging out with friends and eating. The kids had a blast too. It was a relaxing afternoon and a lot of fun.

Have a great week!

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