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Week 26
~ Boy or Girl?

This week was very uneventful. That's the way I like it! Hannah had a Valentine's party at preschool on Friday. She loved writing out Valentines and putting baggies of candy together for her friends. The excitement she had on her face when she walked out of the classroom with her V-Day loot was uncontainable. She spent all afternoon on Friday going through her Valentines bag reading and rereading the Valentines and sorting and organizing them.

Sean and I didn't do anything to celebrate Valentine's Day. We never do. It's just one of those holidays that's become unimportant over the years in favor of celebrating our wedding anniversary and the birth of our children. Besides, if I am going to go to the work and trouble of lining up a baby sitter and getting prettied up so we can go out I'd rather do it on a night where we're not going to have 50 million other couples out celebrating at the same time.

This week I have been feeling the baby move a lot. Sean and the kids have been feeling it too. This baby is very active. Hannah and Daniel were active too but this baby is a little different. I guess that's one of the things I never expected, that this baby would be so different from both of them. I know people say that no two pregnancies are alike but I kind of did think that girl pregnancies would be similar and boy pregnancies would be similar as well.

At this point I really can't say which pregnancy this one is like. Part of not finding out the gender was that I thought I would know by now whether I was carrying a boy or a girl. I thought this baby would be distinctly like Hannah or distinctly like Daniel. That is absolutely not the case. There are some aspects that are the same but nothing conclusive. The thing with this pregnancy that is the same as Hannah's is the morning sickness. I rarely was physically sick but I had a nausea and food aversions that followed me through the entire first trimester with this pregnancy and with Hannah's.

In my pregnancy with Daniel I had terrible heartburn. This baby has been exactly the same. I've had heartburn for the last 7 or 8 weeks and I expect it to continue until I deliver. I'm on a good medication that is able to control it but it's definitely one of the more irritating side effects I had with my pregnancy with Daniel. I also had and have problems with sciatica. I have a numbness and tingling in the back of my left leg, going up my thigh and behind. I never had issues with it when I was pregnant with Hannah but with this pregnancy and Daniel's pregnancy the only way I have been able to keep it under control is by regular visits with the chiropractor.

There are some similarities but nothing that I can say for sure that matches up with either of my two previous pregnancies. Actually, I would say this baby is more of an independent than anything else. When I was pregnant with Hannah I craved sweets. With Daniel I wanted snack foods. My cravings with this baby are completely unpredictable. One day I have to have a bowl of ice cream, immediately. Then a week later I am begging Sean to run out and buy me tortilla chips and cheese sauce. But more often than not, nothing sounds good to me and I just settle for a bowl of cereal just so I won't be hungry.

The other way this baby is independent is the way he/she moves. Hannah was pretty calm in the womb. She wiggled around a bit and some times kicked. She ALWAYS had the hiccups and I was constantly feeling her bounce against me every time she hiccuped. Daniel was a soccer player from the get go. He was kicking hard, strong and fast kicks all over the place. It looked like a little alien was going to pop out of my stomach at any moment. This baby is a wiggler. I am always feeling the baby wiggle around. Sometimes there are hard kicks and bumps but more often than not it feels like the baby is doing the back stroke in there, going from one side of my tummy to the other or wiggling around and settling down for a nap, like a dog.

I'm now resigned to the fact that no matter how hard I try to think and figure out what gender this baby is while he/she is in the womb, I'll never know without looking at the ultrasound results. So I'm just going to enjoy my pregnancy with this baby and know that he/she is 100% unique whether it's another boy or another girl.

Have a great week!

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