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Week 27
~ Mid-Winter Break

Hannah has been on Mid-Winter Break this week but instead of enjoying the time off together I had a house full of Sick-Os. I think I gave my cold to the rest of the family but they are all weathering through it okay. I have been especially worried about Hannah. She has asthma and every time she gets a cold she has an asthma flair up and has to go on breathing treatments. We usually end up doing Albuterol every 6 hours and Pulmicort every 12 hours for the duration of her cold. That means, in a 24 hour period she is hooked up to the nebulizer for about 2 hours. It doesn't sound like much but when you consider that she sleeps 13 hours a night, 2 hours is a lot of time out of the remaining 11 hours that she is awake every day.

But this time, the first time in almost 4 years, she didn't need breathing treatments! I can not even explain how happy I am about that. Hannah is on 3 different medications to control her asthma and allergies, two of them are new medications that she started in the past couple of months and I am so happy they are working. She's almost completely over the cold and is well enough to go back to school again.

Daniel had his follow-up appointment with the ENT on Monday. He has actually made some improvement since his last appointment. His right ear is still completely filled with fluid. His left ear has had a bit of a reduction in the fluid level. The doctor is still not satisfied though. There hasn't been enough of an improvement in the past few months for the doctor to think that everything is working normally. Daniel has to go back next month for ANOTHER follow-up appointment. At that appointment he will get a hearing test and a pressure test. So it's wait, wait, wait some more.

I had an OB appointment this week as well. I had to take the GTT again and then I met with the nurse to get papers for hospital registration and all the other wrap up things that come with the end of pregnancy. I have to call next week to find out the results of the GTT. I'd rather wait until my next appointment but I know that calling is the right thing to do. I am 100% convinced I will have to take the 3 hour test again, that my very first test was a fluke with the timing of where I was in my pregnancy. I am just so anxious about the whole thing. I do not want to have to take the time to do the 3 hour test and all those blood draws. Right now I have an appointment next month and then I start bi-weekly appointments. Yay! I'm in the home stretch.

Some of the paperwork I got from the nurse has me thinking about Baby Day more and more. I feel so far behind. I think I/we may be getting a false sense of security by having gone through it twice before. When things are brought up about getting the nursery ready and the bassinet and clothes out of storage and thinking about breast or bottle feeding I keep putting it off. I just say/think, "Oh, we have time. We've done it before, we'll manage." But really, there is a lot to do and prepare for. I don't even know if I remember how to get prepared for a baby. I am going to have to start making a list and deciding what I need to do. I'm also going to get out some of my old "what to expect" books to help me prepare my lists.

Sean and I also need to get a sitter lined up and get the kids prepared. Our hospital has a "Big Brother, Big Sister" class that I may sign them up for. Hannah has been so anxious about the hospital, Sean's grandmother died in May and we spent a lot of time visiting her in hospitals before she died, and I know Hannah's only memories of being in a hospital are related to people who are very sick and now dead. I think getting to tour the maternity wing and see the babies in the nursery will be a positive experience for her and it will help put her at ease for when I have to be in the hospital.

Our family is on the mend and Hannah goes back to school next week. I've got a gigantic to-do list to get prepared and started on. Have a great week!

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