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Week 28
~ I Passed!

Sean's birthday was this week. I feel like a bad wife; this was the first time I didn't really do anything to celebrate his birthday. Usually we have a party or even just go out for the evening without kids but this year we did nothing. Some of it was me. I was tired from being pregnant and sick a few weeks ago and then dealing with sick kids last week. But then Sean couldn't make up his mind about what he wanted to do . . . if he wanted to have a party or a quiet night in or out. So we just did nothing. His dad and step-mom had their traditional birthday dinner for him, dinner (his choice) and his aunt and uncle over for a family dinner. That was nice, the kids enjoyed it and it was the first time we were all together again since Christmas.

I had a follow up with my dermatologist this week too. I haven't made any improvement so I have yet ANOTHER cream to try. I really hope this one works. I am getting so tired of trying different things and going back for follow-up appointments and everything being the same. I also had a growth cut off my knee and now I have some stitches. My knee is pretty sore still and the stitches are driving me crazy. They itch and I have to keep them covered with a band-aid that doesn't want to stay. I go back in two weeks to have the stitches taken out and have my follow-up appointment.

Oh, I almost forgot, I PASSED!!!! I can't believe it. I passed the 1 hour GTT. Not only did I pass, I did great. I scored a 97 out of a possible 140. I have never technically failed the 1 hour GTT before but my numbers were close enough to the limit that my doctors have had me take the 3 hour test as a precaution. I've always passed the 3 hour test and I've never had Gestational Diabetes or been on any type of diabetic diet but with having borderline numbers and a family history of diabetes, I've always been concerned.

I also got a healthy dose of "me time" this weekend. I meet with my friends for book club on Sunday afternoon. I love book club. I do our church Women's Group book club every month but I also have a group of girlfriends that I do book club with every 6-8 weeks or so. There are only four of us in the group. We're all in our late 20s or early 30s and have kids who are under 5 years old. So the book group is not just getting together to read a book, it's really our opportunity to hang out WITHOUT kids. We talk about the book for a little while, eat and then talk about our kids and husbands. It's great! Anyway, there is another woman in this group who is also pregnant. She is due April 1st and the group spent a lot of time talking and reminicing about child birth and babies. My friend who is pregnant is delivering at a hospital with a midwife this time (her first she delivered at a different hospital with a doctor). I had thought a lot about delivering with a midwife but the hospital that has the best reputation for midwives and natural delivery is a lot further from our house. The hospital I delivered at with Hannah and Daniel is an excellent hospital and it's less than 5 miles away.

During our conversation we started talking about pain meds and Epidurals. All of us there have had an Epidural with all of our births but our friend is planning on a natural delivery and was talking about some of the books and techniques she is using. I hadn't thought a whole lot about it but I think I would like to do a natural delivery this time. Last time, Daniel's labor and delivery were so fast. We were only in the hospital for about 2.5 hours before he was born. It went so quickly that I almost didn't have time for an Epidural. I've been expecting this labor to go just as quickly. I think that I could probably "tough it out" for 2.5 hours. My other concern is that I already have a bit of a scar from my Epidurals. It's a small bump on my back and most of the time it isn't a problem but sometimes it gets itchy and irritated, raised up almost like a mosquito bite. I'm not sure I want to have another Epidural and irritate it further. I'm going to get a few books on child birth and start reading and preparing for the birth of this little one . .. another thing I thought I had enough experience to get by with. I'm also going to try to breast feed again. I tried it with both Hannah and Daniel and didn't make it very long. Hannah had expressed milk for about 6 weeks before I switched completely to formula. She had an issue where she wasn't gaining weight and she needed to be bottle fed to track her eating. Daniel had expressed milk from the beginning; I never nursed him because I was too afraid to after what had happened with Hannah. I was able to give him about 10 weeks of breast milk before he went exclusively to formula. I'm hoping to go a little while longer with this little one and to actually nurse rather than pumping all of the time.

Lots to do and time is passing so quickly. Have a great week!

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