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Week 29
~ Something for Daniel

This week was fairly quiet on the baby/kid front. No baby appointments and we've kind of been doing the same old things . . . Hannah going to preschool and ballet class and me to my parenting class. But, this week Daniel started a gymnastics class. It's actually long overdue for Daniel to have an activity of his own. In the fall I was too tired to start anything for him and I had no interest in doing an activity in the middle of winter and the snowy season, although it would have been perfect timing with being in the second trimester of my pregnancy.

Daniel's gymnastics class is on Monday mornings from 9:45 to 10:30. It will last through March and April. After we drop Hannah off at preschool Daniel and I go right to gymnastics and we still have time for a quick errand after the class is over. It really works out well for us. Daniel was the only student in class today. It's a "Mommy & Me" class so I get to be Daniel's spotter. He had a great time and was very focused. He listened to directions and stayed on task the whole time. I was so proud of him. He loved jumping on the tumble track (a 15 foot long trampoline) and walking on the balance beams. So far his favorite moves are forward rolls and the bear crawl.

Hannah wasn't too happy about Daniel's class though. I didn't want a melt down or fit before school so I didn't tell her that Daniel was doing gymnastics. When we went to pick her up after preschool the first thing Daniel did was show her the stamps he got on his hands after class. Hannah gets stamps after ballet class and Daniel was so proud to finally have stamps of his own. As soon as Hannah saw the stamps she started grilling him on where he got them and what he had been doing. As soon as he said, "nasticks" she started crying and carrying on. I told her that after preschool was over for the year she could take her own gymnastics class . . . that settled her down but I am sure I will be hearing about it again over the next two months.

On Friday the kids and I met my friends Marcia and her two kids (ages 1 and 4) and Briana and her son (1.5 years) for lunch and playing at McDonalds. Marcia and I are both stay at home moms so we are able to get together almost when ever we want. Briana works and is a single parent so the time when the three of us can get together is pretty infrequent lately. We all worked together at a tutoring center for several years and then started having kids around the same time. Briana left when she got a full time teaching job and I left when I was pregnant with Daniel. We've kept in touch and stayed friends over the years. The kids had a great time running around and playing, as usual. And the moms had girl time, talking and gossiping.

On Saturday afternoon/evening we had another church outing at the gymnastics club. Daniel felt like he was an old pro after having been there on Monday. Hannah was excited to get to do gymnastics like Daniel and spend time with her friends. It was a nice evening and everyone slept well once we got home and got to bed.

I guess the other thing I should mention this week is my aunt, my mom's older sister. She was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of February. Over the past few weeks we have found out that it started as breast cancer, a very aggressive breast cancer, and by the time it was diagnosed it had spread to her liver, lungs and bones. The doctors initially gave her 1-3 years to live if she was able to make it through chemo. She started chemo treatments a few weeks ago and has not been doing well. The chemo has been rough on her and she is losing a lot of weight and getting very weak.

She is currently in the hospital and has been there for more than a week now. Over the weekend she was moved to ICU and taken off all medications other than pain meds. Right now her children, husband and siblings are holding vigil at her bedside waiting for her to pass away. I'm not really sure what to say. I'm not particularly close to my aunt but I really feel bad for my cousins, mom and grandparents. My cousins are going to lose their mother. One of them had a baby last April and her mom is not going to get to see her son's first birthday. My mom is going to lose her older sister and my grandparents are going to lose their child. The whole thing is just so incredibly sad and unexpected.

I also keep thinking about how, for all of my life, until I was 27 I never had anyone in my family or anyone close to me die. Then, when I was 7 months pregnant with Daniel, my dad's younger brother passed away. This time I am 7 months pregnant and my mom's sister is going to pass away. I know these things happen and I am very, very lucky to have lived so long without experiencing a loss like that but I still can't help but wonder, a little bit, if I am bad luck.

Have a great week.

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