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Week 31
~ Baby Class!

Hannah at baby classI am trying to work out a time for me and the kids to go visit my mom. We weren't able to do it this week because we already had plans over the weekend. I think we should be able to do it next weekend. Hannah has next Friday off school because of a teacher inservice day so we can leave Thursday after ballet class and have a lot of time at my mom's. I'm scheduled to work in our church library on the 28th but I should be able to find someone to work for me or if worse comes to worse the kids and I could come back on Saturday afternoon so I can still be at church on Sunday.

This week was pretty mundane. I've been trying to give my mom space to get back into her routines and life after being away for so long. I hate living so far away from her at times like this; I just feel so helpless in supporting her and I don't really feel like I get a good sense of how she is doing over the phone. Even though she is my mom I still feel kind of responsible for her since she's single and has no partner in her life. It really makes me think about and appreciate my husband. Even if we aren't getting along or he's working long hours at work, I know that when it comes down to it he's there for me and I always have someone to support me and take care of me. I wish my mom had someone like that in her life.

On Monday night I had book club at church. I was so thankful to have an activity and a reason to get away for the evening. Sean has been working a lot. In the past few weeks he has not been home for dinner or putting the kids to bed and there are only a couple of nights each week where he is home before I go to bed, including weekends. But he made a commitment and he was here for me on Monday so I to go to book club, which I absolutely needed. The kids had a good time with him and really enjoyed the daddy/kid time they had without me here.

I had an OB appointment on Tuesday. Everything is going pretty well. My urine test was fine and my weight is doing great; I'm still down 3 pounds from my first OB appointment. The only problem was when the doctor did the measurement of my uterus. The measurements she got put me at 34 weeks rather than 31 weeks, so when I go back for my next appointment I have to have an ultrasound to double check on the baby's size and weight. I'm not worried. I'm sure everything is fine. I think a lot of the discrepancy has to do with me being overweight and the doctor I saw this time is one I've never seen before.

On Saturday Sean and I took the kids to a big brother/big sister class at the hospital I'll be delivering at. Hannah had a fantastic time. Daniel seemed to enjoy it too but he's not much of a talker so, I don't know. The class was only an hour and a half long so both kids were able to stay focused through the whole thing. When we got to the hospital we went up to the maternity ward. The kids got to go by the nursery and look at all the babies. Hannah was asking all kinds of questions about the babies and what the nurses were doing. She even saw a baby under the bilirubin lights and was worried about it being there alone.

When we got to the classroom the kids introduced themselves, told the class if they were having a new brother or a sister and what they were most looking forward to about having a new baby. We were the only family there, out of 8 families, that didn't know the gender of their baby. Hannah said she hopes we have a baby girl and she wants to hold the baby and help feed it. After introductions the kids got a life-sized baby doll and they practiced holding the baby properly, feeding it and diapering it. Daniel needed a lot of help but Hannah took the whole thing very seriously. She had some trouble with diapering (see photo) but absolutely loved the class.

After the kids had some practice with their babies we watched a video and then went on a tour of the maternity ward. There is an indoor garden/play area there for the kids to go and relax or run around in. We also got to see one of the maternity patient rooms. Hannah has been very worried about me being in the hospital and not getting to see me or have me at home to take care of her. I really think that seeing the hospital, patient rooms and nursery was good for her. She was able to see how the patient rooms for maternity are very different from the rooms for sick people. I know she is still a little worried but after the class she seemed more excited about the baby and visiting me at the hospital than she has ever been before.

Have a great week!

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