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Week 32
~ A Mini Vacation

It's good to be home! We did end up going out of town this week. The kids and I had a great time but really, it's so good to be home. I missed my bed . . . and my husband.

Last week I wasn't sure if I just had allergies acting up or if it was just a cold but by Monday I was sure that the results of what ever I was dealing with were not good. I went into the doctor on Monday afternoon and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I also was told to go back on my daily prescription of Claritin. I had a lot of fluid in my ears which is a sign that my allergies are acting up. I got on a prescription of antibiotics for my sinus infection and I started taking it Monday afternoon. I still wasn't feeling any better by Tuesday but on Wednesday evening I was feeling a lot better. I'm so glad I went into the doctor when I did and got on some medication. It really made going out of town a lot easier.

Wednesday, while Hannah was at preschool, Daniel had his hearing and pressure test with the audiologist and another follow-up appointment with his ENT. First, I am so proud of him. He was so well behaved and did such a great job at following instructions and sitting still for the tests. The audiologist said over and over again that he was the best behaved kid she had ever had there at his age level and she was so impressed with how well he did. She said that many of the kids Daniel's age are not able to keep focused for that long or they don't let her do what she needs to do to complete the tests. But with Daniel she got complete and comprehensive tests and results. I am so proud of him.

So, Wednesday morning we got to Daniel's appointment and the audiologist took us back to a small room that felt like a closet. It was a small sound proof (I think) room that measured about 3 feet by 3 feet. When we got in there I sat down and Daniel was on my lap. The audiologist put some things in his ears to do the pressure tests. They almost looked like ear buds that had a long plastic stem on them. She did the test and took the readings 2-3 times in each ear.

Then Daniel had the hearing test. The audiologist went into another room that was attached to ours and we could see and hear her through a window. Daniel had toys . . . blocks, a magna doodle, cars, etc. to play with and keep him occupied. My job was just to keep him there on my lap in front of the window. During the test the audiologist played different sounds. From what I noticed each sound was played twice. The first time at a very low volume level, then at a little higher volume level. After both sounds were played she would have a visual cue. A little monkey playing the drums would light up in the corner of the room. Sometimes she would talk to Daniel and ask questions. He would talk back and follow simple instructions.

The whole set of testing took maybe 45 minutes, an hour tops. At the end of the test we were told that the audiologist would analyze the results and the ENT would talk to me about it. So Daniel and I waited in the waiting room and then saw his ENT. The first thing the ENT said is that Daniel has significant pressure in one ear and moderate pressure in the other ear. He also failed the hearing test. He can hear but he scored low enough on the test that if he'd had those scores as a newborn he would have been sent to a specialist for further testing. So . . . tubes for Daniel.

I'm not surprised, I was even kind of hoping for it. It would be an easy solution (I think) to get him on track with his speech. But I'm still emotional over it. It's surgery. Minor or not . . . it is SURGERY. I'm also irritated, angry, upset that this was a problem for a while (at least since November) and it's just now being resolved. I wonder, did I not advocate enough for him, did I miss something and not see a problem earlier? I have been concerned about his speech and asking the pediatricians since before he turned 2 . . . was there a problem then and I was ignored? I know I should be grateful that Daniel is going to get help and relief. I am. But I also can't help wondering if there was more that could have or should have been done.

Daniel is now scheduled to go in for tubes on Friday, April 2nd . . . Good Friday. It's kind of crummy timing with it being right before Easter but we didn't have any plans so it works out okay for us. The ENT doctor said the surgery is minor and Daniel should be feeling better within 24 hours. I have to call the day before his surgery and find out exactly what time we need to be there. I'm relieved that surgery is scheduled and I don't have to wait, wonder and worry any more.

On Thursday, after Hannah's ballet class, the kids and I went to visit my family 250 miles north of where we live. I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving so it was REALLY nice to get up there and visit. I think the visit was especially nice for my mom too. I've been worried about her and it was good to see her again.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon and got some groceries before heading to my mom's house. When we got there the kids decompressed and played with my mom's dogs while I unloaded the car. My mom got home from work shortly after I had the car unpacked so we hung around talking for a little bit and then went out to dinner. While we were at dinner my dad stopped by the restaurant. My mom had left him a note on her door where we would be (he had been planning on stopping by some time in the evening) if he wanted to come by and he did!

On Friday my mom had to work and the kids and I did some shopping and then met my mom for lunch. It was a quiet and relaxing day. We had the chance to sleep in and just kind of decompress from the drive. On Friday evening my mom had to work and my sister brought her daughter, my 6 year-old niece Emilee, over to play with the kids and spend the night. The kids all played very well together and all I had to do was make them dinner. They entertained themselves all evening.

On Saturday morning my mom had breakfast plans with a friend so I took all the kids out for breakfast with my dad. In the afternoon my dad came over to my mom's house. My mom, dad and I sat outside my mom's house watching the kids play and ride bikes for a few hours. My mom lives on a quiet private road at the end of a cul-de-sac so the kids had ample space to play without being in the way. After my dad left my mom's house my mom and I took the kids shopping and out for ice cream.

After our shopping excursion my sister took Emilee and Hannah back to her house for a sleepover. Hannah was SOOO excited to go to her cousin's house and spend the night. Daniel, my mom and I went out for dinner. Daniel fell asleep in the car on the way back from dinner so I put him to bed and then started packing for our departure in the morning. It was a nice, quiet evening and we all got to bed early so I would be refreshed and ready for the drive the next day.

On Sunday my sister took the girls out to brunch. Daniel played and watched tv while I got the car packed and ready to go. When Hannah got back she had a complete melt down over having to go home. Leaving my mom and the rest of my family is very difficult and emotional for me. Having to deal with Hannah and her fit made it a million times worse. Hannah continued her crying off and on for the first 30 minutes of the drive. She alternated between not wanting to leave to wanting her daddy. She eventually fell asleep and I had some peace and quiet for a while. Unfortunately, her nap did not improve her disposition and she was cranky until she fell asleep that night.

The drive was pretty uneventful. We made a couple of short stops, one for gas and one for a snack. Half way home it started raining but we made it home in one piece and in time for dinner with Sean.

Next week is Easter and Daniel's surgery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes okay. Have a great week!

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