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Week 33
~ Surgery Success

This has been a very good week. My OB appointment went well, the kids are well and healthy. Daniel's surgery was a success and the weather here has been beautiful. It's Spring and the flowers are blooming and my outlook is good . . . for the most part.

On Tuesday I had my ultrasound and OB appointment. My father-in-law was supposed to watch the kids but there was an emergency with his wife and he wasn't able to do it so Sean took the morning off work and we all went to the doctor together. Before my appointment we went out to breakfast as a family. Then Sean met me and the kids at my OB's office for the ultrasound. Hannah was very interested in what was on the screen and what the baby was doing and looked like. Daniel had a few questions but really didn't care that much. I made sure to keep my eyes closed when the ultrasound technician got any where near the gender bits because I've waited this long, I certainly didn't want to get an unplanned surprise and find out what the gender was by accident.

After the ultrasound Sean went to work and the kids stayed with me for my OB appointment. I promised them if they were good and didn't talk when the doctor was in the room we would go bike shopping after my appointment. They were perfect angels and didn't say a word, even when the doctor was talking to them. All they would do is nod or shake their heads. My OB appointment went well and there are no problems or issues. It turns out that the baby is completely healthy and measuring fine. The baby weighs 5 pounds, 3 ounces and is head down. So things are looking good. My weight has stayed the same. I go back in two weeks for my Group B Strep test and then I start weekly appointments.

We did go bike shopping after my appointment. Daniel got a new bike, his first 2 wheeled bicycle with training wheels. Up until now he's been riding a tricycle. He loves the trike but he tries to go too fast on it and he's just ready for a "real" bike now. After we got home the kids and I went on several walks and they got to ride their bikes while I walked. Daniel is already riding like a pro but I realized that Hannah needs a new bike too. She has been riding the same 12 inch bicycle since before she turned 3 and it is way too small for her. The seat is up as high as possible and every time she goes around a corner she starts to tip over because her center of balance is off.

We spent most of the rest of the week outside riding bikes and playing in the yard. The weather has been gorgeous! I have never seen weather this beautiful at this time of year, not in Michigan anyway. The kids are in shorts and tee shirts and we are enjoying every minute outside. We've even been sleeping with the windows open because it's been so warm.

Daniel had his tube surgery on Friday. His surgery was scheduled for 6:05 am, and we had to be at the surgery center at 5:50. I got up around 5 am and got showered and ready to go. I woke Daniel up at 5:35 and we left immediately, with D still in his pajamas. Sean and Hannah were still sleeping so it was a pretty quick and quiet departure. We got to the surgery center at quarter to 6 and got signed in. In less than 5 minutes we were registered, checked in and in a waiting room. We spent about 30 minutes in the waiting room meeting with different nurses and doctors, checking and re-checking Daniel's medical history, going over the surgery schedule and procedure and doing general surgery prep. At about 6:20 they took us back to the operating room and gave Daniel the anesthesia. The whole morning went very well up until the anesthesia. Daniel was fine; I was the one who had a problem. Daniel followed all the instructions, laid right down and let the doctor put the mask on his face for the gas. Then he was laying there looking up at me and his eyes started to tear up. I don't know if he was scared and crying a little bit or if it was the anesthesia but then I started to cry a little. I held it in well but I was choked up while I held his little hand and rubbed his head. Then he fell asleep and his body started to jerk and spasm a little and I could barely keep myself together. I was lead out of the room and into the main waiting room to wait for the surgeon, his ENT doctor, to update me after the procedure was complete.

About 5-10 minutes later the doctor came out and told me that Daniel did great, surgery was a complete success. There was clear fluid from both ears and no signs of an infection. I just had to sit and wait for Daniel to wake up from the anesthesia and then we could go home. It took another 20 minutes of waiting for Daniel to be awake. He had some trouble waking up from the anesthesia but was fine other than that. We have some ear drops to put in for 4-5 days and then Daniel has to go back for a follow-up appointment 10 days after his surgery.

We got home at 7:15 am. Sean was getting ready for work and Hannah was still asleep. Daniel and I snuggled up in my and Sean's bed and watched a Thomas the Tank Engine movie. He had a slush that we brought back from the surgery center and some goldfish crackers but he didn't eat much. After Hannah woke up the kids just hung out in bed watching movies. Daniel was pretty clingy and tired but not really fussy or whiny. After lunch he took an extra long nap and Hannah got to play outside for a while. By the time Daniel woke up from his nap he was 100% back to normal. He was running around and playing with Hannah, eating normally and doing fine. He went to sleep at bedtime and slept through the night.

On Saturday we went shopping as a family. Sean has been working a lot of long hours. He's been at work late most nights and going in on the weekends for at least 1 day, usually both days. But this Saturday he took a break from work and we all went shopping. We did have to drop by Sean's office for a few minutes so he could pick up a few things but it was a quick stop and we still had the whole day together as a family. We went camera shopping and bike shopping, woohoo!

Hannah dropped and broke my camera in December and I haven't gotten a new one yet. I have been looking at replacing it with another point and shoot camera but Sean would like to get a D-SLR camera. I'm not opposed to it but I am a little nervous about getting a camera that is "too much" and not using it regularly. We went to Best Buy to look at the camera that was my top pick and to look at some D-SLR cameras to compare. We didn't buy or decide on anything but it was good to go together and start talking and thinking about what we want. We're definitely going to buy a camera before the new baby comes and I want to have a few weeks to practice and get used to it so we will have to make a decision soon.

We also went out to lunch and then went to look at bikes for Hannah. The kids and I went to a bicycle shop this week and we had Hannah measured and had her try out a few bikes while we were there. The 16 inch bicycles all seemed to be too small for her but the 20 inch ones were too big. The clerk at the store suggested that we look at a large retail store for an 18 inch bicycle for her for now. I looked at a few stores this week and the only place I could find an 18 inch bike was at WalMart.

So I took Sean and the kids to WalMart with the intention of getting Hannah a bike. They were sold out, completely sold out of all 18 inch bicycles. Then we went to a second WalMart that was also sold out. So Hannah is going to have to wait a little while to get her new bike. She did try a 16 inch while we were out and it was obvious to both Sean and myself that she really is too big for it. She could maybe get by with it this year but there is no way she would fit on it next year. She's still using training wheels and they would give her a lot of stability on a bike that might be a little big. So we'd rather go with an 18 inch and give her a little bit of growing room than go with one that may not even make it through the summer.

Sunday was Easter. It was a pretty quiet day for us. We went to church in the morning and then let the kids go through their Easter baskets when we got home. In the afternoon we had a quiet family dinner with Sean's dad, step-mom and aunt. Lately I've really been struggling with the whole Santa Claus/Easter Bunny thing and relating it to religion. I don't want the kids to miss out on the childhood fun of believing in those things but I also don't want them to over shadow the holiday they are supposed to be celebrating. I just don't know how to balance that. I did tell Hannah many times what we celebrate on Easter and why it is special to us as Christians. But how do I have them understand the meaning behind Easter Sunday yet receive a pile of gifts from some mythical bunny? Where does the bunny fit in with all of it? As the kids get older it's getting so much more difficult to figure this stuff out.

Sean and I finally started talking baby names this week too. We never have a definite name picked out when we go to the hospital, we just have a list of our top 5 (or so) picks to try out on the baby before we choose a name. But this time we had one boy's name in particular that we both really liked and was definitely considered our top pick . . . Nathan. On Sunday we found out our good friends had their baby the day before, a boy, and they named him Nathan. So it's back to the drawing board for boys names or just hope that this baby is a girl. I am pretty disappointed. I know it's not the end of the world but I HATE choosing names. I always grew up hating my name and I feel like naming a child is such a huge responsibility that it almost terrifies me. I find no fun or joy in it, just oppressing responsibility. To have a name that both Sean and I liked and readily agreed on was huge for us and now that name is no longer an option. We still have about six weeks left to work on names but I'm still bummed right now.

Have a great week!

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