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Week 34
~ So Done!

I never thought I would say this, at least not this early in a pregnancy, but I am SO DONE! I hate being a whiner and a complainer. I know I have had it easy with all of my pregnancies, especially compared to some women. But I am done with being pregnant. I feel so huge right now. I can barely bend over to tie my shoes and when I want to pick something up off the floor I can't bend to get it, I have to squat which then leads to pressure from the baby. This baby is settled in low and comfortable (for the baby, not for me). When I walk down the stairs or squat down to get something or even sit on the toilet I can feel the baby's head pressing down inside. I have never felt that before. Even at the tail end of my other pregnancies, after the kids had "dropped", I never felt this kind of pressure. I know it's all normal but it still sucks.

I have so much I still need to do to prepare for the baby. I haven't gotten any of the baby clothes out or unpacked any of the baby things like the pack n' play, bassinet or swing. I wanted to do a thorough cleaning of the master bedroom and I haven't done any of it. Well, not completely. I've started and made some progress but I haven't finished anything. I feel like with Sean's long hours and the kids I am barely treading water with the chores right now. And feeling huge and uncomfortable isn't making thing any easier. *sigh* I just wish I had a jeannie who could snap its fingers and make everything the way I want it to be.

On top of being unproductive and uncomfortable I haven't felt like much of a mom either. Hannah had Spring Break this past week and we didn't do a thing. I had hoped to go on a few outings and get together with friends but we didn't do anything special. The weather on Monday was gorgeous so we did spend pretty much the whole day outside. Daniel had gymnastics in the morning and then, when we got home, the kids played in the back yard and went for walks and rode bikes all afternoon. We completely took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a great time. But I feel bad that we didn't go anywhere.

On Tuesday we were supposed to go to the zoo with some friends but one of the kids got sick and our friends had to cancel. It was okay though because it rained off and on the whole day... and the rest of the week. The weather was terrible. It rained every day, got down to the 50s and there were even thunder storms on most days. We had a couple of days where the kids and I went out for groceries or errand running. One day we went to the library. But all those grandiose plans for day trips and outings went straight into the drainage pipes with the rain.

By the weekend the weather had cleared up. On Saturday we did a family shopping excursion in the morning. We looked for a new bike for Hannah, still no luck in finding one, and got new clothes for Daniel and Sean. In the afternoon we went to a Birthday party for a friend's son's first birthday. It was nice to get out and spend some time with our friends and the kids were happy to get back outside and play.

On Sunday Sean played football with his co-workers. They have a work team that's part of a flag football league. The team's first game was on Sunday and they won. The kids and I stayed home and cleaned house and did laundry. Sean will be out of town for a business trip next week so I was busy getting things prepped for him to go and me to be here alone for four days.

Next week is a busy one for us. Sean will be gone most of the week. Daniel has his follow up appointment for his tube surgery. Hannah has a follow up with her allergist. I have an OB appointment and my Group B Strep test. Hannah goes back to preschool next week too, spring break is over. I'm going to start getting baby things out next week and making my packing list for the hospital. I can't believe the baby's due date is this close already.

Have a great week!

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