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Week 35
~ Careful What You Wish For

This week has been... interesting. I promise I will not make any more comments about not wanting to be pregnant any more or being ready to have this baby until I REALLY am ready for the baby to be here. A five hour stay at Labor & Delivery to be monitored for contractions has shown me the error of my ways. I'll give details later. First, I'll start at the beginning of my week.

Sean had to go out of town this week. He left Monday morning for a four day business trip. Hannah had preschool and Daniel had gymnastics in the morning. In the afternoon Daniel had his follow-up appointment with the ENT. His ears look great. They are totally healed and there was no fluid in either of them. We have to go back for a retest on his hearing to see if the tubes have made a difference. After the hearing test we'll figure out if we just wait or if he's going to do any speech therapy or be evaluated later. I can say that he is already talking a LOT more than he was before the tubes. He's not speaking more clearly or increasing the number of vocabulary words but he is initiating conversation, something he rarely did before, and just talking more in general.

On Tuesday I had an OB appointment in the morning. Everything is going well. No new complaints or issues. I had a swab taken for the Group B Strep test. I didn't have any type of internal exam. The doctor said they may do one next week since this is my third baby but that will be up to the doctor I see then. So really, not much news there.

Hannah had a follow up appointment with her allergist on Tuesday afternoon. She is doing very well. The doctor is going to keep her on the same three medications she is on right now because they seem to be doing well for her. In August, just before her fifth Birthday, she has to go back for another set of allergy tests to check for seasonal allergies and confirm her food allergies.

On Thursday Hannah had ballet. After her dance class was over we went home and had lunch and then left to go to Greenfield Village, a local historical village near by. Thursday was opening day and the kids have been waiting all winter for the weather to get warm enough for the village to open. A few minutes after we left the house Sean called me on my cell phone. He was back in town and things were slow at work so he was going to come to the village with us. We went home to meet him and then we all went together.

We had been there for maybe five minutes when Daniel and I had a collision. We were all walking down the sidewalk on our way to ride the carousel. Daniel was walking in front of me and he turned to point out a Model-T driving down the road. He stopped right in front of me and we tripped over each other. We both fell and landed on our faces. Well, Daniel landed on his face and I landed on my stomach, right on top of him. Poor baby. We both were pretty scraped up and Daniel's mouth was bleeding. It took us a few minutes to pull ourselves together but we both seemed okay. The baby was kicking and I was feeling alright so we continued on to the carousel. After a few minutes of walking I started having some odd cramping pains. I called my OB's office and they told me to come in to the Labor & Delivery ward to be monitored. So, unfortunately, we had to leave our family outing and go to the hospital.

Sean and the kids dropped me off outside the Labor & Delivery unit, then Sean took the kids home. They spent the afternoon and evening at home and I spent the afternoon and evening hooked up to a contraction monitor and fetal heart rate monitor. I was having small contractions for a while... nothing regular or strong but contractions none the less. The baby's heart rate was strong and healthy. After about an hour of being monitored I fell asleep and took a brief nap. About two and a half hours into the monitoring the contractions slowed to a stop. The doctor did an ultrasound and it showed that the baby was fine and the amniotic fluid levels looked good. I hadn't had any fluid leaking or bleeding. So the doctor kept me there for another two hours to make sure everything stayed stable and consistent. Then I was allowed to go home.

I called Sean and he and the kids came and picked me up. It was almost 9:00 by the time Sean got to the hospital. They had already eaten dinner and the kids were in their pajamas so we went directly home to go to bed. Everyone had a good night sleep but Daniel and I were a bit sore and sluggish in the morning.

Hannah was off school on Friday so we just kind of hung out and did a little light house cleaning. In the afternoon one of our friends came over with her daughter. She watched the kids so I could rest. By the afternoon I was so sore and tired I couldn't wait to get to bed. Sean went out Friday night so the kids and I had an early dinner and went to bed early.

On Saturday we all cleaned the house. Sean and I worked on organizing the master bedroom and moving things around to fit the baby's bassinet in our room. We also straightened the kids' rooms and packed up their winter clothes. I still have to clean the nursery and get the baby clothes and gear out of the attic but we've made good progress and I'm starting to feel like everything is going to be okay with baby prep.

When I fell on Thursday it became very clear to me that I could have this baby at ANY time. Both Hannah and Daniel were delivered after 40 weeks and I just assumed that this baby would be the same way. But it is entirely possible that he/she could come earlier, much earlier, than that. I REALLY need to get prepared.

Next week my mother-in-law will be coming over to help with organizing the nursery and getting the baby things out of storage. I'm going to get my hospital list made and start packing. My plan is to at least have the nursery done, the baby gear out and have basic necessities for the baby (diapers, clothes, blankets, bottles, etc) out and ready by the end of next week. That way we'll have enough basic things done and prepared to make it through the first week or two if the baby comes early.

Have a great week!

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