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Week 36
~ Making Progress

I got a fair amount accomplished this week but I still have a good deal left to do. I'm starting to wonder if I have some sort of mental block against finishing something I start. I've always been bad at completing the tasks I start but this time I've really got to get it in gear. The count down is on and the exact deadline is unknown.

Monday was Daniel's last day at gymnastics. I was so glad to see the class end. I know that Daniel has had a great time. He has loved going to class every Monday and coming home and showing everyone what he learned but it was getting a bit difficult for me to help him participate. The class was a Mommy & Me class which meant that I had to lift him and hold him on the parallel bars and get down on the floor with him to help with rolls and tucks. It's been hard for me to maneuver and help Daniel participate.

On Tuesday morning my friend who just had a baby came by with both of her kids. Her son is so adorable. I forgot how tiny new babies are. It's been so long! Hannah and Daniel did great with the new baby. They were both very kind and sweet to him. Hannah kept begging to hold him but I told her "no". If my friend had offered to let Hannah hold the baby, I would have let her but I didn't want to get into a big argument with my kids over who could hold the baby and for how long and all those other things that kids fight about. We'll have our own baby around here soon enough and the kids can hold that baby as much as they want.

On Tuesday afternoon I had an OB appointment. Everything is going well. Baby looks good, healthy. My Group B Strep test came back negative. That means I don't have to have IV antibiotics during delivery, yay! When I was sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor I began thinking about the baby and wondering about who he/she is. I think I am starting to regret not finding out the gender. When I knew the gender of Hannah and Daniel it was so comforting to sit there and feel the baby move and know it was my son or daughter in there. This baby is definitely different but I still don't really feel like it has its own identity. There is something kind of missing for me in not knowing if it's my son or daughter growing inside me right now. I keep telling myself, "You waited this long, don't give in now". But I do wonder if I made the right decision in not finding out the gender of our baby.

On Wednesday Hannah had the day off school for parent/teacher conferences. I scheduled Hannah's conference early in the morning so we all went up to the school before Sean went in to work. The kids played in the classroom while Sean and I talked to Hannah's teacher. I've been a little concerned with Hannah's writing and drawing abilities. Up until very recently she still wasn't able to write her name correctly or legibly and her drawings and pictures have been scribbles more than anything. In the past few weeks she has been writing and drawing a lot more. Her letters are quite legible and her pictures of people look like actual people now. She is doing pretty well socially. She has some minor issues with friends but I guess that's to be expected as she learns to navigate the social world of preschoolers.

After Hannah's conference my mother-in-law came over to our house. She spent the day helping me clean out the nursery and getting baby things out of the attic. In the morning we completely cleaned out the nursery and reorganized everything. In January Hannah moved into the guest room and Daniel moved from the nursery into her old room. When I moved the kids I put all the office stuff from the guest room into the nursery and left it there. For the past 4 months we have been treating the nursery like a "junk room" and piling it with things we haven't been sure what to do with. It was great to get in there and clean things out and my mother-in-law was awesome. She just got right in there and went to work. Even the kids were very helpful. After completing the nursery we went out to lunch.

When we got back from lunch I finished taping up and labeling boxes of too small kids clothes while the kids played outside with their grandma. Once the boxes were packed and labeled my mother-in-law helped me put the boxes into the attic and get the baby items out. We pulled out the bassinet, bath tub, swing, bouncy seat and 4 boxes of baby clothes and miscellaneous baby items. I still have to open and sort the boxes and put together the things we got out but I think it should be a pretty easy job.

The rest of the week was pretty typical . . . ballet and preschool. On Saturday Daniel and I went to a Mother/Son outing with a group from our church. We went to a local bowling alley for a couple of games of bowling and a pizza party. Daniel and I had a fantastic time. He has never been bowling and I haven't been in years so it was a lot of fun for both of us. Daniel even beat me in one of the two games we played.

On Sunday Sean, the kids and I went to Lansing for the Race for the Cure breast cancer walk. My cousin started a team in honor of her mom, who passed away last month. The team met at my aunt's house for brunch before the walk in the afternoon. Hannah and Daniel had a great time playing with their cousins and my cousin's kids. Our plan was just to have brunch with everyone and wish them well before the walk but it didn't quite turn out that way.

My grandparents wanted to go to the walk to cheer everyone on and be there as they started the walk and finished the walk but they weren't exactly up for doing it on their own so Sean, the kids and I ended up going to the walk with everyone to hang out with my grandparents. The kids decided they wanted to walk with their cousins so Sean decided to walk too and keep an eye on the kids. I did a little bit of walking but nowhere near the 5k that everyone else did. Being there was such an inspiring experience. I just can't even explain or describe the energy and emotion involved. I can't wait to walk next year and be a real part of the team.

Next week is the last week in April. We're almost to May... baby month. I can't believe it! Next week I'm going to pack my hospital bag, set up the bassinet, sort the clothes and buy the last few baby things we need for this little one. We're in the home stretch.

Have a great week!

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