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Week 37
~ It's Baby Month

Woohoo! I made it to May. After my collision with Daniel and the early contractions I was worried that I wouldn't make it this long but I did. I'm still not ready for this little one's arrival but I'm working on it. One of the reasons we're not ready for the baby is that I lost the name list. Yikes! I made a preliminary name list that Sean and I went over a few weeks ago. We added to it and took some of the names off of it. In all, we had 5-8 names for each gender and now I can't find the list at all. I spent most of the week looking for the list and then trying to create a new one.

I also went through the baby clothes this week. I separated the baby boy clothes from the gender neutral clothes. I've got the boy clothes set aside and ready for if we have a boy and I have the gender neutral clothes cleaned and ready for the baby. The baby girl clothes... I can't find. That's another reason I'm not ready. I've got to check our second attic and then if I still can't find them I'll look in the attic in Hannah's room again. If I STILL can't find them after that I'm going to see if I accidentally gave them to my sister. She had lent me a lot of clothes for Hannah to use and there is a small chance that my baby girl clothes got packed up and sent back to her. I don't think they did because I know I had them when Daniel was born. I went through the boxes from Hannah and sorted out the gender neutral clothes for Daniel. But I guess there is always a chance that I did give them to her.

On Monday I had an OB appointment. The baby looks good and healthy. I will have an exam at my appointment next week to see if I am dilated or have made any progress at all. When I was pregnant with Hannah I didn't have any progress until the day before I delivered her. With Daniel I was dilated 2-3 centimeters for about three weeks before he was born. So there is really no way to tell when this baby will come.

On Wednesday the kids and I went shopping. We did a big shopping marathon at Babies R Us and got the last few things we need for the new baby... bottles, a diaper bag, blankies, girl clothes, etc. I'm still working on cleaning and organizing the house but if the baby comes we do have the bare minimum of what we will need for the first week or so.

Hannah's ballet class was canceled on Thursday. The church where she does her lessons was having a rummage sale. The kids and I went to the rummage sale in the morning when Hannah would have had her dance lesson. We got a lot of books and a few clothes. Looking around there, I was really regretting not finding out the gender of the new baby. There were so many cute clothes and at such reasonable prices. I got a few things for Hannah and some things for Daniel. I did buy one outfit for the new baby, if it's a boy. I couldn't resist. I found a Carter's brand one piece romper with characters from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, my very favorite children's book author, for 50 cents. The only downside is that the romper is dark blue, obviously for a boy, but for 50 cents I'll make my daughter wear it if we have a girl.

On Saturday Hannah and I cleaned her room. It took most of the day but we cleaned out everything! We cleaned out all of her drawers, book shelves, under the bed, closet and all of the toy and art boxes in her room. She worked so hard and I was so proud of her for not quitting when I knew she wanted to. Later this week Sean and I have to replace Hannah's bed frame. We were all sitting on her bed doing her bed time routine a few nights ago and the bed caster broke and bent the caster post on the frame. Cleaning Hannah's room was step 1 to getting her room ready to put the new bed frame in.

On Sunday we went to a birthday party. One of our friends has a daughter a few months older than Hannah and they had her birthday party this weekend. We had so much fun! They had a carnival party at their house. It had rained off and on Friday and Saturday so the party was moved inside and the whole basement was set up with carnival games like a ring toss, duck pond and a fishing booth. There were crafts, face painting and balloon animals. Every time the kids did a game they earned tickets and then they were able to buy prizes with the tickets they had earned. It was a pretty cool set-up.

Next week I'm going to pack my hospital bag, finish cleaning and organizing the house and find the baby girl clothes (I hope). It will also be an important week for me as far as my OB appointment goes. The memorial service for my aunt is supposed to be held on the 8th and it's an hour and a half away from our house. I need to get the okay from my OB before we can go.

Have a great week!

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