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Week 39
~ A New Due Date!?!

This journal is going to be a little different. I'm starting it mid-week and I'm going to be adding to it daily, if I can. So the "feel" of my writing may be a little different than usual.

On Monday Hannah went to preschool and Daniel and I stayed home and did a few last minute cleaning and organizing things that needed to be done. We picked up Hannah from preschool and all of us came home for lunch. We were scheduled to have our house cleaned in the afternoon. There was no specific time but the cleaning crew was supposed to call us 30 minutes before they would be here. We waited around all day for a call and by 2:45 still hadn't heard anything so I called the cleaning office. I was told that the crew would be at our house within 30 minutes. They finally showed up at 3:30.

We stayed here for a little bit while the crew cleaned upstairs. About 15 minutes after they got here the kids and I ran out to get some groceries. When we came back the kids played outside while I worked on weeding the garden and cleaning my car. The cleaning crew left our house around 5:15, without finishing the job. One of the cleaning ladies got hurt and needed to go to a walk-in clinic. I got a message from the office manager stating that she would call me on Tuesday morning to schedule time for a new crew to come back. I wasn't too happy with the situation because I was expecting company on Tuesday but it was manageable because it meant that I would still be able to make dinner without messing up a newly cleaned kitchen.

On Tuesday morning I was feeling awful. The cold I have is totally kicking my butt. I called my friend and suggested that she and her kids would maybe want to postpone their visit because I was feeling so badly. She has a 1 month old and a two-year-old and I really didn't want to get anyone sick. So the kids and I decided to run a few errands and then meet Sean for lunch. We went to a local pizzaria for a pizza buffet lunch, YUM! In the afternoon I called the cleaning company to try to reschedule the cleaning but all I got was a busy signal all afternoon. The afternoon was quiet; Daniel refused to nap but the kids were good and played well together. We did go to bed early though.

Wednesday was super busy. Hannah had preschool in the morning and Daniel and I had parenting class. I wasn't sure I would still be pregnant on Wednesday so it was nice to be able to make it to one of the last classes of the year. Parenting class takes a summer vacation and follows the same schedule as our church preschool so next week is the last week of class. After parenting class Daniel and I picked Hannah up from preschool and I took the kids to my father-in-law's house while I went to my OB appointment.

My appointment went well. I'm still dilated to 2 centimeters, no change there. I am about 60% effaced though so I am making some progress but there are no other signs of impending delivery. The baby hasn't dropped and I haven't lost my mucous plug so we're still just playing the waiting game. I do have a "new" due date though. I'm not sure exactly where the miscommunication happened, if it was from the nurse and the date I gave her with my last period or from the first ultrasound or what, but my due date is the 16th, not the 14th. It doesn't make much of a difference, it's just two days.

I have another appointment scheduled for Monday. My doctor wanted to move my appointment up a couple of days because I would be after my due date by then. I also have to have a non-stress test. A non-stress test is where I get hooked up to a contraction monitor and a fetal heart rate monitor for bout 30 minutes. The monitors measure the baby's heart rate and whether or not I am having contractions. The readings help to check the health of the baby to see if it's in any fetal distress or if I am having any complications from being overdue.

On Wednesday evening we went out to dinner. Sean's dad was receiving an honor for 25 years of membership with a local service organization so we all went to the dinner to celebrate his achievement. Going out was one of the last things I wanted to do with feeling sick and being out all day but having a delicious meal served to me that I did not have to cook was totally worth it.

On Thursday morning I woke up feeling like death. I had a crummy night sleep. I was up every two hours to pee and my "cold" had gotten so bad that I was coughing a lot and blowing my nose all night. I did not get the quality night of sleep that I had hoped for. When the kids woke me up at 8 I realized that I needed to go into the doctor. Sean called my father-in-law and he agreed to watch Hannah in the morning and shuttle her to and from dance class. I kept Daniel with me and he and I went to see my doctor.

I didn't have an appointment but I just showed up and was there a few minutes after they opened, asking to make an appointment for that day. I felt a little bad for just showing up but I knew I really needed to see my doctor and I was willing to wait or go elsewhere if I had to. But really, I thought I would get better results in person rather than on the phone. Anyway, the front desk staff said the earliest they could get me in would be 4:30. I was just about to leave and go to the hospital when my doctor walked up and asked if everything was okay. It obviously wasn't. She talked to the receptionist and they got me into a room immediately. The doctor determined that I have Bronchitis. She gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and an inhaler.

After my doctor appointment I got my prescriptions filled and ran a couple errands with Daniel. By 10:30 I had already taken my first dose of antibiotics. I am hoping that they will kick in quickly and I will feel better before delivering the baby. I really don't want to go through labor, delivery and recovery feeling like crap.

Thursday afternoon was pretty quiet in our house. Even though I haven't been feeling well I did get a few more things accomplished. I got a couple of loads of laundry run through and Hannah helped me pack my hospital bag. Unfortunately, Daniel is sick now too. He's coughing and has a bit of a fever. Hannah seems to be okay, for now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this baby decides to wait a little longer to arrive, at least until everyone has some more time to heal.

Daniel took a turn for the worse on Thursday night. By Friday morning he was coughing a lot, still had a fever, was lethargic and had trouble breathing. We dropped Hannah off at preschool and then I made an appointment for Daniel at the pediatrician. They were able to get him in right away and we were with the doctor by 9:30. His temperature was a little high, 99.7, even after having Tylenol.

The doctor determined that Daniel has a respiratory virus. He's not on antibiotics because it's a virus but he is doing Albuterol breathing treatments every four hours to help him breathe. He needs to continue breathing treatments until he stops coughing and we have to go back in 1 week for a follow-up appointment. And the most difficult part, Daniel is not allowed anywhere near the baby until he is well.

Friday also had some interesting activity on the baby front. I lost part of my mucus plug in the morning and more again in the evening. I felt like I was working against the clock all day, like I could go into labor at any minute. I did try to keep things pretty quiet with the kids. It was easy to do with Daniel not feeling well. They spent most of the day in bed watching movies. Daniel napped a couple of times and Hannah spent a lot of time playing in her room.

Friday night we had an early dinner and then watched a movie while Daniel did his last breathing treatment before bed. He fell right asleep and only woke up once during the night. Hannah decided the baby was going to come on Saturday and she could barely sleep she was so excited. I slept pretty well but was having contractions off and on pretty much all night. I never had anything regular that I could time but it's been feeling like labor is pretty close. Although, I guess it will be feeling like I am on the verge of labor all the time now that I am so close to my due date.

Saturday morning I lost what I think is the rest of my mucus plug. It was pretty large and tinged with blood. After that I started having stronger and more frequent contractions, again nothing to time but they were there. Later in the morning Sean, the kids and I mowed the lawn. Okay, Sean mowed and I picked up sticks and branches. The kids played on their swing set. We also cleaned out my car and tried to get the seats reconfigured for the baby's car seat. I'm not very happy with how the seats are fitting together. I never realized how big all the car seats and booster seats are. It doesn't help that Hannah still can't buckle her seat belt when she's in the booster and I have to reach in and do it for her.

Saturday afternoon and evening were pretty quiet. We spent some family time together and got to bed early. I went to bed thinking that this baby would never come and I had no clue how or when labor would start. I had spent the day on pins and needles waiting for labor to kick in and wondering if any contraction would be "the one" that signaled the start of labor.

Have a great week!

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