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Entry 10 ~ October 23, 2009
Sniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle

I'm sick. I hate being sick. It's even worse when I am pregnant. There are very few drugs a pregnant woman can take to alleviate the symptoms of cold or flu. It all started with two nights of insomnia. After waking up Tuesday at 3am, wide awake. I laid (laid, lain, lay, whatever, I don't feel like looking it up for proper grammar) there for two hours before I finally threw in the towel, got up and got dressed for work. Brody got up and wanted to come downstairs with me. I was pretty aggravated with him, since the 3am wakeup was his potty break. He finally settled back down. About 6:15am, it was the babies up and ready to start the day, an hour before usual.

Anyway, I felt like garbage all day long and then late in the afternoon I felt a funny tickle in my throat, but attributed it to getting barely nine hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. As the evening wore on and my nose started to incessantly drip, I realized that I was coming down with something. So was Brody.

I don't have time to be sick. I work, I have errands to run, chauffeuring to do, windows to wash, floors to clean, dinner to make, teenagers to fight with and babies to love.

I called in sick to work on Wednesday, Thursday and today. Brody and I have commiserated together. He had me at my wits' end last night as I tried to coax him into taking medicine for his 103.0 fever. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, there was the orange St. Joseph aspirin or some nasty liquid medicine that you had no choice but to drink. Nowadays we have thin strips, chewables, melt-in-your-mouth tabs, not to mention the yummy flavored drinkable meds.

What was my point . . . oh yes, I finally coaxed Brody into taking a chewable aspirin then fed him a popsicle. Then a few minutes later, sitting up in my bed, he threw it all up, not just into my waiting hands, but on my comforter, my blanket, and my sheets. Laundry at 9pm. Fun stuff.

The babies were sent to daycare on Thursday. Thank God, because I honestly don't think I would have been capable of caring for them all day. By late afternoon, I was crawling the walls, so Brody and I trucked off to get some "sick supplies" and pick them up. The evening was relatively uneventful until the throw-up incident.

Just now, I made Brody a sausage and cheese omelet, which the babies and I ate. Then he wanted just a slice of cheese, then he wanted 'Ramen' noodles. Let's just clarify life in my household. Nearly everything I make is from scratch. I made a pot of chicken soup the other day when I realized we were coming down with colds. It's a rare day around here that I feed anyone out of a can. So the kid just ate an entire package of 'Ramen' and when he finished, he said, and I quote, "Mom, you make the best Ramen noodles." Should I take that as a compliment???

By now Brody's fever has subsided, and Reese and Reagan both have sniffly noses. We are all home, getting on each other's nerves, crawling the walls, watching TV or movies (another sick time treat, because I rarely allow TV), playing with long-forgotten games and toys, eating whatever gets food into our bellies, trying to stay hydrated.

Two points I want to make.

Stay away from pregnant women when you are sick. Don't touch me, don't hug me, don't rub my belly (something I generally don't mind). And stay away from cute babies when you are sick. I don't want you touching my kids. None of us want to catch your cold!!!

~ Stacy

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