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Entry 11 ~ December 4, 2009
Here Come the Holidays!

KidsAs I began writing this journal, I sat at the computer and had some quiet time at home with the little ones. Brody had the sniffles and was sitting on the floor with a rather noisy race track that, once you put a car in, self propels and makes a really annoying shuffling noise. Reese and Reagan fought over a tupperware of Cheerios. The radio blared. Ernie spent some time out with the older girls. Ahhh, this is the life.

This Thanksgiving was hectic, as anyone can appreciate. We decided to host this year, thinking that having all the kids at home would be the least stressful approach. I delegated some side dishes and thought that buying frozen vegetables would take the burden off. This was not necessarily the least stressful solution, but all in all, the day was a great success; the days and hours of preparation, with dinner over within minutes. The flub is that I once again this year miscounted the number of place settings and was two short. Oops. The tables were a little tighter than I originally thought they would be, but it was comfy!

Sunday was the last day of having all the kids home. We spent the better part of the afternoon outside hauling leaves to the curb. It was a team effort, and we got it done. I hate to think of our time together being work time, but family time includes play time as well as work time. We threw some steaks on the grill and put together some Thanksgiving leftovers for sides. With Kelly living out of state with her mother, Kristin in college, Kassie busy with high school and her social life, and Ernie and I being so busy with the little ones and trying to keep track of the older girls, I hope we have the opportunity to be together again very soon.

Kristin went back to school Sunday evening. Kelly flew back home on Tuesday afternoon, Kassie was back to school and me back to work on Monday morning. And so begins the rush to Christmas. This year I've done most of my shopping quite a bit early. I know that I won't have the patience or the energy to be among the crowds at nearly eight months pregnant. Furthermore, by shopping here and there, it feels like less of a financial burden than to shop and spend all within a few weeks.

I told Ernie that I have felt more tired lately and have already declined two Christmas party invitations. By the first of the year, I expect that I will clear my schedule altogether and focus on the end of my pregnancy. I've gotten my maternity leave more or less set. This will be the first pregnancy I've had that will be this well planned, since I will have a scheduled c-section. But, we need to wait and see whether this little guy decides he wants to meet the world early!

As I finish this journal, I am in the office, nearing the end of my work week. Brody is just recovering from his sniffles, and so is Reagan. Reese is in full swing of sickness, our sweet little puker, who kept us up periodically through the night last night. I am looking forward to a good night sleep and not having to get up in the morning to rush off to work. With the holidays approaching and a new baby due not long afterward, it feels like there is more to do than ever. I'm trying to remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the kids and their excitement rather than worry about what life will bring in the next few months. I also frequently remind myself how fleeting this time is and to cherish the kids before they are all grown up!

~ Stacy

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