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Entry 13 ~ February 1, 2010
The Waiting Game

I was completely convinced that I would have this baby last week. Yet, here I sit, less than 48 hours away from my very clinically sounding scheduled c-section. I'd been not-so-secretly hoping that the element of surprise would bring the baby to us a little early. Moreover, my bag is packed, bedroom scrubbed, clothes washed, basinet ready. I've been ready for this for the past week, in tune to each and every ache or pain or movement within my body. Nothing.

Last night we narrowed the pool of names that we had not discussed for the past two or three months down to three names. We've never been the kind of couple to keep a baby name secretive; we are really just slackers. I've been asked by several people on several occasions for our top choices of names, and with two people I have told, I have gotten strong opinion and commentary. As the pregnancy has progressed, I've been a bit more evasive and more often than not avoided the question.

In the meantime, all three of the little ones are off their meds and go for a check tomorrow morning. It should make for a chaotic morning, which will exhaust me for the day. Hopefully they will all leave the doctor's office with a clean bill of health.

The other exciting news is that Kassie got her license last weekend. I had misgivings that she would pass the driving test, not because she is not capable, but because she lacked experience and time behind the wheel. I had her call my Dad, who is semi-retired, who enthusiastically took her out for three hours one night, four hours the next, then showed up at 6:30 in the morning the day of her test to take her out again, and so she could take the test on his vehicle. I'm happy to report that she passed with flying colors.

Otherwise, with my last day of work being Friday, I have the next couple of months to enjoy motherhood, the good, the bad, the tiresome, the rewarding. I've already slipped into the bad habit of looking like a slob, not the usual put together made-up business face and hair, although I am looking forward to working on my post-pregnancy body in the months leading up to turning 40. What incentive to get back into shape!

I will be in touch sometime next week with news of our precious new baby boy!

~ Stacy

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