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Entry 14 ~ February 17, 2010
Welcome Baby Boy!

brand new babyAs I eventually surmised, the baby did not arrive early. I spent the night before my c-section in a tizzy, running around the house, doing this and that and did not get to bed until well after midnight. The alarm sounded at 4:15am, a little too soon for both of us, but Ernie and I got up and got moving. The challenge was the two inches of snow that had fallen overnight, so he cleared the driveway before we left. We arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later than our appointed time, but at that hour, and without the onset of labor, the hospital staff seemed fairly disinterested in how early or late we were. Furthermore, with the snowy commute, my doctor arrived just a few minutes of the scheduled delivery time, delaying things further. No worries on my end, I had nowhere to be other than right where I was.

I am not the kind of person who allows myself to get worked up or nervous, which the anesthesiologist resident took note of and commented on. But admittedly, given the pain I had experienced with the twins' birth via c-section, I was a little more than apprehensive once we arrived in the O.R. I guess what put me at ease was the ladies' conversation (all females and two males in the O.R. that morning, including my husband) about their crock pots and various recipes they used. Part of me wanted to interrupt and bring them back to "ME" and focus on nothing but "ME," yet another part of my was appreciative of the casual banter and cheery mood.

Treyton AnthonyAs the chatter in the O.R. continued, we moved to the subject of twins. I have identical twins, one of the nurses was an identical twin, my doctor has identical twins, and the anesthesiologist has fraternal twins. That gave us all a little something more to talk about, before everyone got down to the business at hand. And with a light hearted tone in the O.R, very different from my twins' birth, out came our beautiful 8 lb 15 oz baby boy. Am I ever smitten with him!

We eventually settled in the maternity ward, where pain management became an issue. I was administered two doses of morphine, neither of which had any effect on me. Demerol was the next drug of choice which controlled the pain and turned me into a babbling idiot, before we moved on to a different variety of drugs to control the pain. Once I regained my lucidity, it was time to play the name game. After a late night chat with Ernie, examining the baby and talking to him, we finally decided on the name Treyton Anthony. Trey for short. Third pregnancy, born on the third day of the month, so it felt right, and it's a done deal.

Stacy and TreyThe stay in the hospital lasted five peaceful days before I came home to the mad house. I'm pleased to share that the other children are equally smitten and interested in the new addition. Brody is as wonderful a big brother, as he was with the twins. He is affectionate and caring and loves to hold Trey and talk softly to him. The twins are smitten as well, although not nearly as gentle or careful, so the baby is under constant supervision.

The past two weeks have been a wonderful mix of emotions, nearly all the good kind. There have been moments of stress and drama with four children age four and under, with a teenager and college student in the mix too, days when I'm not certain whether I've brushed my teeth that morning, or whether I've returned a call, or even where the phone might be. Believe it or not, I feel that I am meant to be exactly where I am, raising these beautiful children.

~ Stacy

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