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Entry 16 ~ April 15, 2010
The Fruit Loop Diaries Part Two

My first day back at work came and went without fanfare. I spent the better part of my day socializing and reading through two months of emails. What struck me in particular about my office building is how extraordinarily quiet it is. I’d forgotten the quiet and the long periods of time of sitting in a cubicle.

In the evening when I finally arrived home, I hollered at Reese for scampering off and getting her little paws into “stuff” around the house. As soon as the harsh words left my mouth, I stopped and scooped her up and hugged her. I swore that going forward I would not spend our precious evenings together admonishing the children or raising my voice. And right then emerged my working mom guilt. What to do? Get the Fruit Loops out and have some fun.

Just for the record, M&M’s melt in your mouth AND in your hands. And all over the front of your clothes. That’s why I like Fruit Loops.

~ Stacy

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