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Entry 18 ~ June 15, 2010
Prom Night 2010

Kassie and TreytonDespite Kassie borrowing a prom dress, we easily dropped $200 for this event. The end result was a stunningly beautiful Kassie doing her very best to walk in 3-inch heels, with an uneasy, sweating, tuxedo-clad young man who was so nervous he forgot to open the car door for her when they left. After a week of bodily prep work, off the kids went, with my freak show in pursuit, to the house where a large group of prom-goers gathered for more pictures.

I know I am not Kassie's mother, but that doesn't mean I don't fondly remember her younger years and look at her in awe of the young woman she is becoming. As the youngest of Ernie's children, she was barely five years old when we first met. We headed out to a softball game, and as I helped her out of the car, she said to me, "touch tongues." Taken aback, I figured it was sink or swim, so I obligingly leaned over, and touched her tongue with mine. And the rest is history. Not to say that our relationship has not been fraught with disagreements, because it has. She and I can be like oil and water, more so than the other girls. Maybe we are both just a little too stubborn to see eye to eye all the time, both of us wanting that last word or to be right in a right-less situation. She is growing up and is no longer the little girl who wanted to touch tongues!

Kassie - Prom 2010As she moves to adulthood, I think she and her sisters have gained an understanding of our lives, of our relationships with each other, with their mother, with extended family. I believe the older girls appreciate that as they ask adult-like questions, we answer candidly without feeling that we are subjecting them unduly to adult issues. Being a parent is a tough job; being a step parent is far more difficult.

Be that as it may, we have the delicate job of balancing teenagers with little ones.

Kristin has been home from college for a few weeks and has been a tremendous help all around. She is nurturing by nature, and the kids are thrilled to have her home. She will be working a summer camp with four and five year olds, which I think will suit her very well.

Reese's and Reagan's antics seem to have leveled off now that the weather is nicer and they can get outside and run around. The unseasonably warmth of early spring generated a nasty bout of spring fever that did not subside. The current challenge with the twins is assuring they play safely in the back yard and do not wander into the front. Nevertheless, our german shepherd keeps an eye on all the goings on in the yard and watches over everyone.

Treyton eating cerealTreyton has started cereal and loves it. He can't seem to get enough, and I have struggled with maintaining my supply of breast milk. Being constantly on the run and always tired does not bode well for me, and I have started pumping and nursing more frequently to boost my production. I've also purchased herbal 'mother's milk' tea, which is a mild tea claiming to improve milk production. The boy is tipping the scales at nearly 18 pounds, so I think he is doing just fine!

I dread the day that will arrive all too soon when Treyton rolls over and becomes more mobile. The current situation allows me the freedom to chase the other children without worrying too much about him. Life is about to change drastically; the baby gates will reappear, the floors will be spotless once again, and little toys will be hidden.

In the meantime, I've been back on the softball field, which has become a family event; the field has a playground, and Brody loves to run the bases after the game. Kristin and I are both playing. Our teammates' older children love to play with the twins, so our games have become an event that the whole family eagerly anticipates, as we pack the whole gang and head down to the field.

As school winds down this summer, enjoy the weather and the good times with your family!

~ Stacy

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