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Entry 19 ~ July 28, 2010

ReeseSummer is in full swing, and I find that we are each moving in different directions. Kristin started her summer camp job, so she is out of the house Monday through Friday during the day. Kassie has been working her weekend job and is in Georgia visiting her mother. In between, the girls get together with friends and boyfriends and are always on the move.

I've been in the midst of trying to figure out what to do about our family vacation this year that I thought was a go. We plan to go back "up to camp" in Maine again. Our time would have been sandwiched between field hockey camp, Brody's 5th birthday and several of Kristin's doctor's appointments that cannot be postponed due to field hockey pre-season. It appears as though our very well deserved vacation is not going to happen. I am extremely disappointed.

Kassie will be returning home from Georgia in a few days, and Kelly will be coming with her, so for a short time, we will have all seven kids under the same roof. I had better charge up my camera! Treyton will be baptized this weekend, and I am eager to have all of our children together. It will be a very crowded house, but with the summer weather, we will be outside too

Big Girl BedErnie and I finally came to a decision on the twins' big girl bed. I may not have shared this with you, but the twins have always slept together. Part of it is my own doing, part of it is a space issue. I watched them snuggle together as newborns after two excruciating weeks apart in incubators and never wanted them to ever be apart again. We debated whether the girls would stay in their respective beds, if we bought them each a twin size bed (no pun intended). We eventually decided to set up a full size bed and let them continue to sleep together - ultimately a smart move. They love it and continue to sleep toe-to-toe. As you see in the picture, two windows are missing curtains . . . my dear Reagan pulls them right off the window, and I finally stopped hanging them up!

Our next hurdle is potty training. Although both have expressed interest in the potty, my strategy will be to divide and conquer. I'll attack the weaker link first (Reagan), since she is less inclined to sit around in a soiled diaper. Reese doesn't care about the soiled diaper, but will want to do what Reagan is doing, so I hope she follows suit. I just need a three day weekend, or longer, to focus on the potty potty potty! I will keep you posted.

ChairsSoftball season is over - we lost in the second round of the playoffs. I had a great time playing with Kristin and her boyfriend too. It made for a great family night. And since it's an over-18 league, Kristin and I connected on an adult level, which was new ground for us. She is one heck of a girl, and I will leave you on a positive note - I came home last night in the pouring rain, and I decided to sit in the vehicle for a few moments to wait for the rain to subside. As I might have expected, it rained even harder. Then the front door opened and out came Kristin with an umbrella. She walked to the van, opened the door and helped me out, and walked me to the house. I was truly touched by this simple act of kindness. Pass it along!

~ Stacy

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