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Entry 2 ~ April 23, 2009
Spring Has Sprung

The babies recently had their one year check up. After receiving two shots each and a finger prick, with the crying and the carrying on, we managed to get home and settled. The next day Reese threw up three times. Everywhere. While I was at work . . . you know, one of the realities of being a working mom, not being there to clean puke, coupled with the pervasive guilt that I'm not there to comfort and hold her either. I thought Reese had a reaction to the shots, but a call to the doctor’s office revealed that a stomach bug was going around, and maybe she picked it up from their office. Come on!

Two days later, Reagan was throwing up, and the next day, Ernie felt feverish and achy. Later in the week, it seemed that we were all healthy again, until Kristin left school early, came home and went to bed. And then the next day Kassie and I were down and out, unable to do much of anything. Nonetheless being "supermom," despite how lousy I felt, I got to spend the entire day at home with my kids, taking care of them and trying not to breathe on them, while trying to control my fever and pounding headache. I was generally okay with this, with Kassie in her bed all day, Kristin not paying attention to anything going on around her, Ernie at work . . . but when Kassie woke up the next day and complained about the ache in her back, all because she spent the entire day sleeping in bed, I have to admit to feeling momentarily envious of the carefree, self-centered life of a teenager. At least we were all finally feeling better.

This was all a result of the babies' well care visit to the doctor’s office!

Brody enjoying EasterFortunately, we all recovered in time for Easter, in time for me to shop, clean the house, set up the table, prep food and cook. The increasingly rare time with our family together for the day was priceless. Dinner was fantastic, the Easter egg hunt was great fun, and of course, we remembered the reason Easter exists, the resurrection of Jesus.

Despite Easter candy tucked in nooks and crannies all over the house and the onslaught of candy wrappers stuffed into sofa cushions, heat registers, and magazines, I'm back on my post baby lose-that-last-ten-pounds diet. What didn't help my diet is the enormous brunch we had this weekend, you know, the all-you-can-eat kind, where you feel obligated to overindulge in order to get your money's worth.

In between trips to the waffle bar, the hostess seated a rather large party behind us. Kristin recognized a friend of mine who had not responded to my repeated attempts to contact her over the past year. Her older son is Brody's age, and we used to get together frequently with the boys and talk "new mom talk." The first words my friend uttered when she saw me and hugged me were "forgive me." The past year of wondering whether I had done something to upset her or if she was okay, melted away. We spent the next hour eating our brunch, chasing our boys through the restaurant and having quick chats in between, catching up with each other. I really hope my friend makes the effort to be a part of our lives again.

It is spring in New England and we have survived the challenges of late winter illness, endured journey through Lent to Easter, found friends that we thought were lost. The daffodils are in bloom, and the trees budding, the grass growing into a lush green. I hope this spring brings you good health, good friends, and special family time.

~ Stacy

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