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Entry 20 ~ August 17, 2010
Treyton's Big Day

TreytonKelly and Kassie came in from Georgia over the weekend, and we had all seven kids under our roof. What a zoo! In addition to chauffeur, cook, seamstress, coach, doctor, dietician, gardener, masseuse (thanks Deb ;), and mediator, among many other talents, I have added the enviable title of zoo-keeper too. I never knew my long and fruitful career would be so . . . diverse.

We had a great visit with Kelly. She is great with the little ones too, and they adore her. Brody especially enjoyed seeing his big sissy, and Kelly not only enjoyed her time with Brody, but enjoyed getting to know Treyton as well. Kelly was visiting for Treyton's baptism, which was a lovely ceremony with our immediate families, followed by a luncheon. I gotta say, I really enjoyed the special day. It's a rare occasion that my folks are all together, having divorced 35 years ago and never gotten past the hurt and anger. For years I felt awkward during the rare times we had to be in the same vicinity. Nowadays I don't care; it's my parents' issue, not mine. Although they never overtly fought, the underlying dislike has hung over my head like an apple on a tree. Maybe just my imagination, maybe not. I was just a product of a union gone bad and suffered the consequences. My advice to anyone and everyone who is divorcing: it's your children who are affected the most, caught up in a situation that was not their doing yet. Make peace with your ex for their sake, you will be stuck in each other's lives indefinitely, so make the most of it. Okay, off my soap box . . .

girlsKelly left after a week, and as she left for the airport, Brody wrapped his little arms around her and hugged her and cried. It tugged on all of our heart strings. For the next three days Reagan asked "Kelly? Kelly? Where's Kelly?" It's a confusion to her that Kelly is here, then suddenly is not, which makes me sad for the kids that they don't have more time together.

Brody's birthdayBe that as it may, life has moved on, and we celebrated Brody's fifth birthday. It's hard to believe that my sweet little baby boy is now a gregarious and independent little man. He thoroughly enjoyed his big day, from start to finish. I am so proud of him, and the little boy he has evolved into: polite and insightful with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a determination to succeed and exceed. I am really looking forward to him going to kindergarten in a few weeks. I say that now, but I know I will cry like a baby when he steps onto that school bus for the first time!

As the summer nears the end, Kassie will be entering her senior year of high school and has some decision-making to do with respect to college. She has given us very few ideas as to where she wants to go, although I suspect she will opt to go further away from home than Kristin has. She was also elected captain of the field hockey team, and I hope that in her final year she will lead her team to a successful season.

Brody's birthdayKristin's transfer to Southern Connecticut will be a new challenge for her, with new friends to make and new experiences in a different place. She will be trying out for Southern's field hockey team, which is Division II, a different direction from last season's Division I experience. She did very well last year academically, making dean's list both semesters, and I expect she will do the same going forward.

On the career front, I found myself in the IT area yesterday with my laptop, with trouble logging onto the network. I chatted with a fellow who also has identical twins. Another fellow overheard the chatter and stopped by with stories of his two year old. We exchanged tales of potty training and pooping, and had quite a few laughs before we sheepishly cleared our throats to an awkward poop-filled silence. Then one fellow commented he never imagined he would be standing around the "water cooler" gossiping about his child's poop, and we roared with laughter. My goodness, neither did I, but "everybody poops."

Enjoy your last few weeks before school begins!


~ Stacy

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