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Entry 22 ~ October 12, 2010
The Great Playscape Escapade

FamilyAs expected, I had 25+ girls infiltrate the house for our field hockey psyche party. All went well, although there were so many snacks and munchies that there was an abundance of leftovers. The little kids were very happy to have guests and reveled in the attention of the teenagers. Reese decided that it would be a great time to slip away unnoticed. I presumed she was outside with the others. When I realized that she was missing, I took a lap around the house, then a lap inside the house, and started asking the girls to keep an eye out for her. I nearly panicked on my second sweep of the house, and it became an all-out search. Finally, I located her in the master bathroom playing with q-tips and cotton balls. I was both furious with her and relieved. No sooner was the search called off, than the field hockey team gathered in the house for a team meeting, and within minutes, the massive pile of back packs, field hockey sticks, duffel bags and such disappeared, and the house was once again quiet.

It wasn't quiet for long. A few weeks ago a friend of mine finalized his divorce, and shortly before they sold their house, he asked if I wanted to buy their playscape. Not wanting to miss out on a "bargain," a few hundred dollars later, I am the proud owner of a massive playscape. It was disassembled and moved to our house. We hired a tree company to remove more than 20 trees from the area where we want to put it. My garden shed will be moved and we will hire someone to level the land and remove stumps. What a bargain!

Stacy and TreytonAll that being said, the plan all along has been to get a playscape for the kids, and this opportunity seemed to move things along suddenly. We just spent a weekend clearing wood, having a bon fire, prepping. Our usual focus of housework, lawn mowing, trimming and such has taken a big different step in the past few weeks. The weather has been glorious until last week, so being outdoors and working in the yard had been an enjoyable task. But it sure is hard to believe that summer has so quickly moved to autumn.

And with the cooler weather comes the dreaded cold and flu season. Treyton had his very first cold, which moved right into his lungs and ears. I took him to the doctor for an ear infection last week, and he responded very well to the meds. Both of his bottom teeth have broken through, and he's been working on the top teeth, so add in an ear infection, and he's been a fairly cranky little guy. More than once I've had my hands full cleaning dinner dishes, keeping the twins in check and whatnot, and I've found Treyton slumped over in his high chair, sound asleep. What a little cherub.

In the meantime, Brody continues to enjoy kindergarten. He revels in the routine of the day, the social interaction, and he is a sponge with learning new ideas, reading and so on and so forth. It's remarkable to see such a positive change in him and marvelous to witness his increasing thirst for knowledge. Just the other night I learned all about 911, how to dial, why to dial, when to dial. I've been interrogated on where all the smoke alarms are located, whether the batteries work, and what our game plan is if we have to evacuate the house. After a 22+ year hiatus, I have resumed reciting the pledge of allegiance. I have gotten "America the Beautiful" stuck in my brain, singing it over and over. I've learned why the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill" is such a tragedy. I mean, really, it does have a very dreadful ending with Jack falling and breaking his crown.

Reagan and KristinThe twins will be assessed later this month to evaluate their development. A particular concern of mine is the fact that they are rarely separated. I've recently started to bring them separately to the grocery store on the weekends. This has gone well, and they are ecstatic when reunited. My other concern is their language development. Although they clearly understand everything that is verbalized to them (except "come here" and "no" among other choice commands), I would like to assess their verbal skills. I will keep you posted if there is anything of interest to report.

Aside from the mundane day-to-day . . . wait, did I say mundane?? Life is anything but mundane! We did have some drama unfold over the weekend. Kristin traveled with Southern CT to St. Anselm College for her field hockey game. Early in the second half, as the goalie cleared the ball, Kristin caught it - with her nose. We were not able to attend the game and got the call on her way to the ER. All said and done, she has a broken nose and a mild concussion and will be sitting out of the next few field hockey games! Kristin is one heck of a tough girl.

On a final note, Brody asked me last night if we could have a day just like the first day of school. When I pressed him to be more specific with me, he said that he wanted me to be home while he waited for the bus. It wrenched my heart to say no, that I couldn't stay home the next day, because I had to go to work. I committed to staying home in the next week or two to help him get ready for school and wait for the bus with him. He was disappointed, but as a working mom, I have to do what I have to do!

~ Stacy

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