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Entry 24 ~ December 2, 2010
Fall Fun!

FamilyWell, since the Apple Harvest Festival, it feels like life has moved into fast gear.

Halloween, which at this point seems so long ago, was a wonderful success. I had picked up an outfit for Treyton, which was a two piece black skeleton, with glow-in-the-dark bones. Brody decided he wanted to be a skeleton too, and the best I could muster for him was a ninja skeleton, which worked out well. A neighbor loaned me homemade Tigger and Pooh costumes for the twins, and they turned out to be far too large. I was able to cram both the girls into their costumes from last year - a tiger and a lion. They were far more receptive to the costume idea this year and ran around the house roaring at everyone. And, as any parent can appreciate, we trudged through the neighborhood, collected candy, and collapsed in a tired heap at home, but not before consuming far too many pieces of candy.

The LittlesThis month (that would be November, if I didn't slack off on getting my journal posted), Ernie and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. It was our first time out of the house together and alone in I-can't-tell-you-how-long. Frankly, it felt a little odd at first. We asked our waitress to be leisurely with our dinner, and we spent the better part of two hours chatting, about - you guessed it, the kids. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the evening immensely and came home feeling like our relationship was refreshed and recharged. I wish we could do that more often, but we seem to get so caught up with the kids, that we lose ourselves in their lives.

Moving along to Thanksgiving, Kelly arrived from Georgia the weekend beforehand. Everyone was happy to see her, particularly Brody. They spent quite some time together. Since my company closed early on Wednesday, I packed a bag of workout clothes and went for a three mile run. It felt soooo good. Then onward home to get cracking on dinner.

Treyton and his turkey!After an evening of cooking, cleaning and organizing, I made it to bed, only for Reese to wake me up at 5:06am. Exactly one hour and twenty-four minutes before I had to get up to get the turkey in the oven. UGH! I had certainly not planned to be up so early. Be that as it may, "Turkey the Turkey" as named by Brody, made his way into the oven at 6:30am for a long several hours of roasting. Dinner was a huge success, with family, friends, and a very happy day all around.

The next morning, I ran three miles.

That evening we did a pizza party with our neighbors, and all the kids, from ages nine months to 23 watched The Wizard of Oz.

The next morning, I ran three miles.

That evening was Italian night with my folks and my brothers. I made a massive lasagna and my brother made a meatball parmesan. By that time, we were all punchy and on each other's nerves, but outwardly insisted that we were all having a good time.

Brody and his turkeyThe next morning, I ran three miles.

And to top off the holiday weekend, on Sunday I cooked. Turkey tetrazzini, two turkey pot pies, and a curry turkey salad. I didn't think there was any chance that any of the kids would eat the tetrazzini, in particular, the mushrooms. Was I ever wrong. Reese weaseled her way into Ernie's lap and ate the better part of his plate, mushrooms included. All of the kids ate the pasta. Treyton ate mashed potatoes and pot pie. It was a turkey fest.

And in the spirit of having enough, we ate our dinner and gave thanks that we have enough. More than enough love, enough food, enough, enough, enough. We might not be rich on paper, but we are rich in heart and love.

The next morning, I stepped on the scale to see that I lost one pound.

~ Stacy

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