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Entry 25 ~ January 7, 2011
Fabulous Forty

Stacy is 40!I turned 40 in December. If you had told me that at age 40, I would have a husband, three stepdaughters, two sons, identical twin daughters (ranging in age from 10 months to 23), two dogs, a cat, and a fish named Squishy the Fish-Fish, I would have laughed in your face. Hysterically. In fact, I'm laughing about it as I type. Happy birthday to me!

And what a birthday it was. My dear husband threw me a birthday party with nearly all of my favorite people, friends and family alike. I had so much fun. At the marvelous and magnificent age of 40, I contemplate my life and revel in my four babies, my life's utmost accomplishment, the little people who have come to define who I am and who I want to be. Life is good!

Twins at ChristmasSince having a December birthday does not give me much time to focus on me, myself or I, I moved directly from having a great birthday to attending Christmas parties, work luncheons, purchasing last minute Christmas gifts, dealing with the tree, wrapping gifts and so on and so forth. When I was pregnant with the twins I did not have the stamina or the patience to shop. I completed my shopping that year by November, and since then I've worked hard to accomplish the same thing. 2010 mission accomplished.

Kelly flew home to Georgia shortly after Thanksgiving and returned a week later to spend the Christmas holiday with us. Having all seven kids home with us was exciting, and we looked forward to the holiday weekend with all the children home with us. Ernie was especially eager for the holiday.

Treyton with SantaSanta made a personal visit to our house again this year, on Christmas Eve morning. He brought each child a pair of pajamas that Mrs. Claus made. Brody chatted Santa up one side and down the other. Reagan froze in place and wouldn't move, wouldn't speak. Reese smiled and giggled. Treyton regarded him with curiosity and awe. Later that evening with gifts under the tree and the the twins in bed, Santa's jingle bells suddenly sounded from somewhere outside. Brody, stunned and beside himself with excitement, ran circles around himself, around me, around Daddy and decided that he immediately needed to get himself to bed (my victories might be small, but boy, are they fun). We waited him out for an hour and a half, until he finally fell asleep.

The late night was followed by an early-ish morning with a 7am wakeup call. Not bad considering the age group and the excitement level. Brody was astounded by Santa's deliveries. This was the first year that the twins understood the whole Santa thing, which was enhanced by the Christmas Eve morning visit.

Santa!The challenge of the day was explaining in kid terms, how Santa fits into the birth of Jesus, the reason for the season, etc. Brody tried to wrap his brain around the concept, but in the bigger picture, he was really concerned as to whether Santa would bring him lots of toys or just a few, given his behavior over the year. Not to say that he behaved badly, but Brody has enough self awareness to understand that he is not well behaved all the time. And he was amazed that Santa stopped by our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas night with all those toys!

With Christmas clean up in full swing, we said good-bye to 2010 and welcomed 2011. The mood is shifting to hibernation mode, and we look forward to the end of this cold New England winter, that actually just began. Today I have three sick kids: Kelly with a terrible head cold, Treyton with an inexplicable fever, and Reagan with fever, sniffles and flu like symptoms. Everyone is cooped up in the house and getting on each other's nerves. I hope that everyone recovers quickly and that warmer weather is in our near future!

I wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2011!

~ Stacy

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