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Entry 26 ~ January 21, 2011
Sick, Sicker and Sickest

Missy in the snowReagan and Treyton became ill with the stomach bug the second week of 2011. So much for a healthy new year. And in the natural course of life, once one of the twins comes down with something, so does the other. About five days later, Reese succumbed to the stomach bug. Then Kristin. Then Kelly. Then me. Then Ernie. Then Kassie. The only family member that did not get the stomach bug was Brody. Instead, he came down with a sore throat and stuffy nose, and so did I, and Kel, and Reese, and Treyton. Over the past two weeks, we've laid low and done our best to keep our germs to ourselves.

Finally, as we emerged from our collective illnesses, Kelly returned to Georgia, only to return a couple of days later. We held a family meeting last month and had a discussion with Kelly about moving back to Connecticut. We feel it's time that she gets her life on track and gets back to college. Although we are packed in like sardines with all the kids, she agreed to live here temporarily until she gets her degree and gets back on her feet. We committed to giving her a space in the family room, which will be private and will suit her for the time being. The move will occur in early March. She is so good and patient with the younger kids. It's hard to imagine that she hasn't been home with us all along. We are all looking forward to having her home for good!

Kristin is back to college this week. I think she left here eagerly yet regretfully. She will miss the kids and the chaos, but is looking forward to her studies and a return to her social life. She has a 3.8 GPA, and we couldn't be prouder of her. I can't believe she will be finishing her sophomore year in a few months. Where does the time go?

Brody in the snowI spent four out of five work days home sick. I work because I have to, not because I have some great career. My position is within an investment firm, I have a good job, and I earn a very respectable salary. However, given that I have been pregnant off and on for the past five years, I feel that my career has stalled with my preoccupation with babies and such, and with the associated extended absences. My manager actually told me a couple years ago that my year-end bonus was pro-rated because I had been out on maternity leave. Is that even legal??? Well, now that my baby-making days are over, I am eager to jump back into the career game, and if that means leaving my current position and finding a new one, so be it. I will keep you posted.

Now that the kids are better, we spent an afternoon at Grammy and Grampy's house. What a welcome change of scenery that was. We were all glad to be out of our house and over to theirs for a good spoiling. After playing all afternoon, they were fed pizza for dinner and then soaked and splashed in Grampy's bubble bath. When we left for home, I had four very sleepy and very clean children. It was just what the doctor ordered!

We have gotten pummeled in the past few weeks with New England snow storms, and my household is eager and excited for spring, which seems soooo far away. In fact, today we are suffering from another six or more inches of snow, on top of the two feet that are already on the ground. We are in hibernation mode until it melts!!!

~ Stacy

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