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Entry 27 ~ February 14, 2011
Treyton's Big Adventure

TreytonTreyton and I took a big trip. We went to Florida to surprise Papa Will for his 75th birthday. It was his first plane ride, and it was a reprieve for both of us to bond with each other and Treyton's opportunity to experience being an only child for a few days. With the New England weather that we have endured this year, travel was a challenge. A storm arrived the afternoon before our early morning departure. The weather temporarily hampered our plans, but not our spirit!

When we finally departed late in the afternoon, Treyton was very tired and ready to nap. He was probably a bit hungry too, but with the activity around him, food was the last thing on his mind. Other than flirting with the people around us, particularly the man sitting next to us, Trey was well behaved and more importantly, he was quiet. Within about a half hour of takeoff, he hunkered down and napped for the remainder of the flight.

TreytonWith our delay, we had to rent a car to get to Mama Sue's and Papa Will's house. What I thought was an hour or so drive was actually nearly two hours. And remember when I said Treyton was a bit hungry? Once we settled into the car and hit the highway, rather than relaxing, he had food on his mind. The only food I had handy and could provide to him was Cheerios, which he greedily devoured. By the time we pulled off the highway, Treyton was beside himself. I saw the bright lights of the golden arches and into McDonald's I drove. I ordered Treyton a small order of fries. My desperation turned to horror as his little fingers grabbed each and every salty and greasy fry that I passed back to him. Yuck. I can't believe my baby was eating fast food.

TreytonWe arrived shortly after 9pm and boy, was Papa Will surprised! The blank look on his face was priceless; a look of utter disbelief turned to laughter, then to the realization that he'd been had. What fun! After a couple hours of catching up and gloating, we turned in for the night.

The next morning, Treyton woke up ready to explore. And explore, did he ever. The glass tabletops bore his hand prints, Tupperware was strewn about the place, along with colanders and even a blue hair dryer. Treyton had the time of his life. We went out to lunch, and Treyton was tremendously well-behaved, other than grabbing the top of Mama Sue's sandwich and flinging a spoon now and again. I was grateful and proud that he traveled so well and our presence in public was so low key. We met some of Mama Sue's friends, and honestly, I feel like I've always known them.

splashing with momAside from our lunches out, and Treyton's zeal at being an only child, he and Papa Will played a constant game of tug of war with the blue hair dryer. It was so funny to watch the two of them grappling over a hair dryer! And, I really wanted to take Treyton "swimming" in the big bath tub with the jets. I knew that I would have to be in the tub with him for his own safety, so I brought my suit and got right in with him. Treyton enjoyed splashing around and being the center of attention.

It felt as though we arrived and then had to pack our bags and leave again. Regretfully, Treyton and I packed our things and were driven back to the airport after just a few short days. He won't remember the trip, but I will not soon forget having him all to myself for a while . . . well, almost to myself . . . and not having to worry about the other kids stepping on him or hurting him or teasing him . . . it was over too quickly.

TreytonThe trip home was a bit more difficult. He had not pooped that day, and it was apparent after we boarded by his stinky little toots that he had poop on his mind. Trey tried to settle down, but he and I both knew that until he did his business, there would be no peace or quiet. About an hour and a half into the flight, with business finally taken care of and cleaned up, Treyton passed out cold. What a relief. We traveled back into the cold and snowy weather, back to Daddy, Brody and the girls. I missed them all so much, and I was so happy to see them, but I will not soon forget our special time together with Papa Will and Mama Sue on Papa's Will's big birthday.

~ Stacy

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