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Entry 29 ~ April 24, 2011
Treyton the Terrible

He's walking.

dishwasher fun!Anyone who has ever raised a child knows what that means. My baby is on the brink of toddlerhood. I remember when Brody was learning to walk, I encouraged him and cheered him on and was eager for him to expand his little world. This time around, I spent a month scooping Treyton off his feet to assure myself that he was my baby and a baby he will always be. Alas, the proud look on his face when he would take those first few tentative steps, finally got the better of me, and I've let the boy go mobile.

Now that he has more confidence in himself, he suddenly seems more daring. He and I were putting laundry away upstairs when I turned around, and he was gone. I ran to the top of the stairs in just enough time to see him at the bottom, moving right along. He's climbing up chairs to get to the table, so he can climb on the table to reach things. He has consumed more crayons than all the other kids combined.

I lament that my baby is too quickly becoming a toddler. It feels like just yesterday that he was a mere nine pounds, barely able to lift his head, completely and utterly helpless. Now he fights me for his spoon when I feed him so he can do it himself. I tell him to come here and he takes off in the other direction. He climbs into the refrigerator and the dishwasher, up the stairs and back down again. He is an explorer, inquisitive, and curious. But he is pure love.

~ Stacy

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