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Entry 30 ~ July 5, 2011
The Best of Times

Reese and ReaganIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The best of times are doing the happy dance after one of the twins has success on the potty. The worst times have the accidents that soak an entire outfit, shoes included, the soiled undies, the battle of wills. I am pleased to report that Reese and Reagan are finally well on their way to becoming potty trained. Over the past few months, they have done well on the potty, particularly with #1. Pooping has been more challenging, but we turned the corner now that I tell them they can't swim in the neighbor's pool unless they use the potty. Had I ever known this strategy would be such a raging success, I would have used it sooner! After all these months, I still do a happy dance every time I hear tinkle hit the water. And I thought I'd hit rock bottom when I was sticking fruit loops to my face. Or playing the game "chase," which is nothing more than running laps around the house to tire the kids out and keep them occupied. Or wearing Tupperware bowls on my head. The journey is half the fun. Or the battle. Someday I'll look back on potty training wistfully. Really.

BrodyKelly moved home with us in March. It's hard to believe that I've barely updated my journal all spring. Ernie flew down to Georgia, spent a couple days helping her pack, and they drove home together with a trailer in tow. Since Kelly hasn't lived with us in about ten years, it was an adjustment for her to move back from out of state, but she's gotten a job waiting tables and has gotten back into school to finish her degree. Her life has gotten back on track. She is doing very well with us, and I am proud that she is finally on the road to getting to where she wants to be, with our support and encouragement.

Kassie's graduationKassie has graduated from high school. It was a rainy occasion, so the event was held in the school gymnasium. Kassie's great challenge has been deciding where to attend, given the very competitive nature of getting into college nowadays. She did not get to her top schools of choice, yet is an overachiever, and gets mostly As and a B here and there. Fortunately, she decided on a small school in Boston and is very much looking forward to the next phase in her life. In the fall we will have all three girls in college! Cha-chingggggggg.

Brody completed kindergarten, and he misses being in school. He loved the routine, the social atmosphere, and especially loves to learn new things. For now, we are enjoying the summer reading program, swim lessons, and spending time with family and friends. He also lost both of his upper front teeth and can tie his shoes. I scratch my head in awe at times wondering where the years have gone, and he's not even six yet!

Swingers!We installed a playscape in the early winter, and now that summer has arrived, the kids spend much of their time sliding and swinging. I don't know how we have lived without it. There is even a picnic table attached for them to have an outdoor lunch. I have to insist that the children eat their breakfast before they head out the back door to the playscape.

Otherwise, in the chaos of life at home and at work, which has been tremendously busy, I haven't purposely ignored my journal, but I don't seem to have found the time to keep it up. I hope with summertime's arrival, I'll do better. In the meantime, enjoy your fun in the sun and God Bless America!

~ Stacy

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