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Entry 31 ~ July 21, 2011
A Day in the Life

Supermom!A day in the life. Note the t-shirt I am wearing in this picture!

5:30am   I wake up and think about how comfy I am and also realize that Treyton slept through the night. I give him a silent thank you and roll over to doze for a half hour. Listen to the birds chirp.

6:00am   Time to get up, like it or not. Get dressed and discover poison ivy on my right leg from pulling up a massive poison ivy bush two days prior.

6:40am   Reese gets up. She has sleepy eyes and her blankie, which she always has at bedtime and in the mornings. She is clean from last night's bath and smells wonderful. I spend the next five minutes hugging her and kissing her and snuggling her, so she starts her day knowing how much I love her. No one else in the house is up. I leave her watching "Little Einsteins" with her juice cup.

6:45am   My brother calls as I am walking out the front door. Mom is in the ER, thought she had chest pains. She went in around 3am. All tests are coming back, and she is okay. He has just left the hospital and is headed to her condo to check on my stepdad.

7:02am   I am in the car on the way to work. I call my friend Christina, as I had promised, to catch up on things. She is at the train station on her way to the City. We chat for about ten minutes.

7:15am   I am already at the office. I arrive 15 minutes early to follow up on a job lead. I am not in any hurry to change jobs, but am on the lookout for good opportunities.

7:30am   Do my morning lap around the building. Get cup of coffee and big cup of water. Get back to my cube and get organized. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy.

7:47am   Field call from boss who is traveling. Discuss logistics for large prospect meeting that will take place in two days. He is traveling for the next two days, so I have to pull it all together.

9:30am   Eat breakfast with a coworker, our daily ritual.

9:42am   Brother calls again to let me know he is headed back to the hospital to pick up Mom and bring her home. He reassures me that I should stay at work, that everything is under control, she has a kidney infection, but she will be fine.

10:00am   Meeting until 10:30am. It is a complete waste of my time, and I am annoyed. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy.

10:34am   Get call from home with kids all very excited to say good morning to me. The absolute highlight of my morning.

11:00am   Walk to the city tax office to pay a bill. I am impressed by a young woman who remembers me by name from my last visit. Walk back to the office building.

11:45am   Email friend who works downstairs to see if she wants to take our lunchtime walk. It is very warm, so we decide to do the short loop, which is one mile.

12:00pm   Get another call from my brother. He is driving Mom home. She is tired and will have a quiet afternoon. He is tired too, but I am grateful that he is able to be there for her, since it is a 45 minute drive for me. But I offer to come out for the afternoon to keep an eye on her, and he says no, she will be fine.

12:15pm   Out for walk with friend who also has four children, also has identical twins. Trade kid stories, then get back to the office, get some water and try to cool down. I bring leftover chicken and grilled vegetables and a tomato to eat for lunch.

2:00pm   I am always tired at this time of day. I get up and move around, do a lap around the building. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy. Hear from the babysitter asking if it's okay if the twins don't nap.

3:45pm   I am leaving right on time today. I want to get home to my kids.

3:55pm   Get in car and call friend who emailed earlier in the day with his latest divorce news. Then call to check on Mom. She sounds drugged and I have awoken her from napping. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy. I need to stop at Ocean State Job Lot and Kohls to do returns/exchanges, but I forget to put the items in my car, so I go straight home.

4:22pm   Arrive home. All four little kids are outside on the playscape. Head out there, and Treyton has fits trying to get to me. Jumps into my arms and clings. All kids give me hugs and kisses and keep swinging. I close my eyes and I hear laughter and giggles while Treyton clings to me. This is the absolute highlight of my afternoon. Head into the house to change my clothes.

5:15pm   Babysitter's mom comes to pick her up. I speak to the sitter about leaving me with a sink full of dirty dishes. By this time, Kelly, Kristin, and I are assembled and ready to leave for our softball game. I have packed a cooler with waters and beers. I have a box of crackers on the counter. I remember to throw a couple of diapers in my van. Kassie comes downstairs. I didn't even know she was home.

6:15pm   Play ball! I am on the bench so I can keep an eye on Treyton. I don't care if I don't play, it's just fun to be at the field.

6:36pm   Treyton crying. I can't find the crackers and realize that I must have left them on the kitchen counter.

6:49pm   Go into the game to pitch. I can hear Treyton crying and carrying on in the dugout. It's distracting as all get-out. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy.

7:16pm   I play the last three innings and have two at-bats. I go 1 for 2. One of my teammates gives me a bagel for Treyton.

7:30pm   Game over, we win 14-5. It's time for the kids to run around the field and get really dirty. Coach has his BBQ grill, so we eat hot dogs and bagels for dinner. I crack a nice, cold beer. Good times!

8:15pm   Pack everyone in the van to go home. Ponder how dirty everyone is and whether I can get away with washing them up, or whether I should just put them in the tub. Ultimately, I decide on the tub. The vehicle sounds like a circus. Reese is singing. Reagan and Brody are fighting. Kristin is yelling at Brody. Treyton is singing. I eventually turn on the kids' songs cd and the kids quiet down. Kristin shoots me dirty looks from the back of the van because she doesn't want to listen to kid songs. I turn it up and rebalance the stereo so it's louder in the back.

8:30pm   Arrive home. Save Treyton from falling up the steps to the house and unpack the cooler. See that the dog has peed on the kitchen floor. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy. Search for the cat but can't find him. Trip over someone's flip flops on my way to round up the kids for their baths.

8:40pm   Get all four kids upstairs for a bath except Reagan. She is screaming because she is overtired, having not napped. I leave her in a crumpled mess and take the others upstairs. Kassie eventually shows up with her. Get Brody in and out. Have Treyton and Reesie in. Forcibly undress Reagan, forcibly put her into the tub, forcibly wash and rinse her hair. Try to wash her face. This entire time she is screeching like a mating fox.

8:41pm   Smell poop. See the floating meatball. Get all kids out of tub right away. Reagan is still screeching. Find the evidence on Treyton. Herd children downstairs to get their jam-jams on. Get poop all over my shorts. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy.

9:00pm   Reagan has stopped screeching because she has the jam-jams on that she wants and that allays her. I open the refrigerator to see that there is not a drop of milk in the house. Had I known this, I would have stopped at the store and bought some. Grab two bottles and run (literally) two houses down the street to my neighbor, let myself in the back door, say hi, and announce that I need milk. I run back home with two full bottles, a cup and an open package of popsicles, both of which came from my house in the first place.

9:05pm   I sweep Treyton off his feet and deposit him into his crib before he can utter a protest. Pick Reagan up to bring her to bed, whereas she starts kicking and screaming for Kassie. I holler for Kassie who comes in to help soothe Reagan. Reesie wants Kristin to tuck her in. I tell them a senseless story about a princess and spiderman and then sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then say prayers. Three down, one to go.

9:15pm   Brody is on the sofa, playing with Kassie's i-touch. Check the Red Sox game. They are winning 3-0. Get Brody situated, and while doing so, decide that his dresser needs to be cleaned up. Straighten it out, read him a book, say prayers, and say good night. I head downstairs to make my lunch and get juice cups ready for the morning.

9:30pm   I get distracted and wash the kitchen floor, because of the dog pee. I wonder where Ernie is and think that he should be home by now. But I texted him earlier to tell him there was no milk, so it's likely that he is at the grocery store. Make my lunch, get juice cups ready.

9:40pm   Realize that I didn't text my babysitter to give her next week's schedule and to check her availability. Also remember that I haven't called or texted my best friend, who was home sick three days ago, to see how she is feeling.

9:50pm   Forget to text babysitter until the next morning. Help Kassie complete some online information for college that is due today. Today.

10:10pm   Go upstairs to shower and smell poop. Remember that I haven't picked the meatball out of the tub yet. Remove poop and disinfect tub. Realize I have no toilet paper in my bathroom. Go down two flights to the basement, get two rolls, go back up two flights. Take my shower. Use a mango papaya body butter that a friend recently gave me and admire the smell.

10:30pm   Go back downstairs to say good night to the older girls and only Kelly and Kristin are still up. The Red Sox game has just ended, and they win 3-2.

10:35pm   I put the TV on in my room, and I start watching a show on TLC. I realize that I really don't care enough about the "Little Couple" and their trip to the rodeo, so I turn it off. I get comfy and turn out the lights. Scratch my leg and remember that I have poison ivy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

~ Stacy

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