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Entry 35 ~ February 17, 2012
~ Happy Everything!

Reese and ReganWhoa, I just realized I hadn't written since my note to Santa. Since Christmas, I changed jobs. It's been a tad chaotic, settling in to a new position, gauging the workplace flexibility as an employee and a mom, and in general keeping the household together.

Treyton turned two recently. I think every mom on every birthday stops and thinks, "Where did the time go?" Not only that, but I was wondering, how old should a child be when we stop referring to him as "the baby?" He'll always be my baby, even though he walks, talks and tattles.

As for the other kids, Brody has had ongoing sinus issues since September. Finally in late December, on yet another sinus-related trip to the doctor, resulting from a head cold that he never seemed to shake, I asked the doc what to do . . . isn't enough enough? So the doc in turn sent us to a pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist. This doc put Brody on a fairly aggressive regimen of nasal sprays, ibuprofin, pseudoephedrine, and at any sign of a cold, sore throat or whatnot, we were to immediately start a regimen of antibiotics. Hopefully this will prevent the looming idea of a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and/or ear tubes.

Happy Birthday Treyton!The twins are doing well, and I am looking at putting them in a pre-k program. Cha-ching. Difficult enough to pay for one, but two at once will not be easy. I can only imagine what college expenses will be like. I hope they attend a college with a "buy one get one free" tuition discount. Really. And I know those colleges exist. But back to pre-k, although they get along with each other, it makes sense for them to be in a more formalized program that will not only prepare them academically to enter kindergarten, but also to assist them in social skills.

The older girls are off to their respective colleges, working hard and getting good grades.

Otherwise, life is moving right along. I seem to move forward from the 'incidents' in the house, like the time I turned my back on Treyton after getting him out of the tub, and he took the opportunity to dump an entire container of baby powder all over the bathroom . . . and then Brody turned on the hair dryer . . . and then Reese got out of the tub and ran through the powder with wet feet. It wasn't so funny at the time, but it sure is now.

So, in my tardiness in posting a new journal, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, and I wish my dear little baby Treyton a happy and blessed second birthday.

Treyton  Treyton

~ Stacy

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