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Entry 39 ~ December 10, 2012
~ Catching Up

Being that it's been since May since I last posted a journal, with no journals being posted during that time, do you think that I wrote journals and would post a bunch when we were back on line? Of course not!! So just a brief re-cap of life since May . . . the summer flew by. We went to Maine and had a fabulous week of sunshine and relaxation, swimming and kayaking. Brody started the second grade this year, and Reese and Reagan started preschool.

Brody turned seven in August and played soccer during the fall sports season. After a desperate plea for coaches, I volunteered and was able to coach his team, learning a lot about a sport I never played. It was a fun time. Brody also re-joined the boy scouts and is enjoying the activities that are planned. We also took the kids to the Bronx Zoo and Six Flags.

Another October Storm, Hurricane Sandy, had us very concerned. We were so fortunate. We lost a large hemlock that did a fair amount of damage to our property, but nothing to the house. We never lost power, and comparatively speaking, we fared very well. The children trick or treated, on our street, which they were unable to do last year.

Last month, after two years of chronic sinus problems, Brody had his adenoids removed. It was a fairly straightforward procedure, and he bounced back from it very quickly. I am pleased to report that the surgery was exactly what he needed, and his health has been great.

Moving along to Thanksgiving, we had all the kids home for the weekend. It was chaotic and wonderful, and I know that eventually the older girls will move out and move on, so I am mindful that "these are the good old days." The turkey was delicious and great meal was had by all.

The new job is not so new anymore, as I have been there nearly a year. I am tremendously happy at the new firm, and the position has afforded me the flexibility that is so essential to a working mom. The salary has enabled me to spend a little more here and there and actually have money in the bank after all the bills are paid. It was a great move for me.

As the 'baby' approaches the age of three, he has decided to start potty training himself. I suppose in the chaos of everyday life and being the last child, potty training has not been a priority as it had been with the first. Fortunately, Treyton has taken potty training by storm, and I am very happy to be buying less diapers.

On to Christmas time. It's quickly become a tradition to have the "Elf on the Shelf" these days. We received it last year as a gift, and it caught on very quickly. "Elfie" appeared shortly after Thanksgiving and has presided over the children's behavior for the past several weeks. Her presence has proven to be very effective, while fun and entertaining for the children. Nevertheless, as a parent, it's so hard to strike that balance between the real meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus, a balance that I presume I will work on every year.

Life is good right now. I wish I could call a "time out" and keep things just the way they are. We have our health, the younger children are still in an age of innocence; they are relatively well-protected from the negative outside influences of the world, aside from SpongeBob. The older girls are at the tail-end of being footloose and fancy free, as they finish their college degrees. Unfortunately, time marches on, and with time comes the inevitability of change. For the time being, I cherish these days and the days to come.

~ Stacy

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