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Entry 42 ~ November 20, 2013
~ Updates for 2013

So much time has passed since I journaled, and so much has happened in the past year, I almost don't know where to begin, but with a brief update on the family. In a nutshell, I now have two college graduates, a junior in college, a third grader, two kindergarteners, and a preschooler. Everyone is growing up too quickly!

Kelly graduated in May with a fine arts degree with a concentration in photography. She has picked up odd jobs, freelance jobs, and side jobs. She has a great eye for the arts, and we are very proud.

Kristin graduation with a degree in family studies, and rather than immediately move on to graduate school, took a one-year position as a nanny in New Jersey. I think she is getting quite a hint of what it is like to be a "parent" and help run a household, and I think she is perfectly happy to keep that in her distant future. She's great with kids, though, so I know she is doing a wonderful job.

Kassie is now a junior and delving into classes for her major, busy as ever. She took an on-campus job as a teaching assistant; the professor actually asked her to apply because she was very impressed with Kassie's work ethic. Since she is in Boston, the bombing in April was an incredible scare. She had told Ernie that she planned to get up early and stake out a spot near the finish line. She hadn't told him otherwise, and we were frantic trying to reach her. We finally received text messages from her letting us know she was safe and that she had overslept.

Brody is in the third grade and exceeds all of our expectations. He's setting the bar pretty high for his younger siblings! Smart, savvy, friendly, helpful, and the list goes on and on. He is a genuine leader, and we couldn't be prouder. It's been about a year since his adenoids were removed, and it was absolutely the right decision. Where he was sick at least monthly from September through April, he hasn't been sick at all this year.

Reese and Reagan started kindergarten. They happen to be, for several reasons, in the same classroom. I was concerned about them being together, and I was concerned about them being apart. Nevertheless, the decision came somewhat easily, and in speaking with their teacher about having identical twins, she felt that they work and play independently from one another and do very well. While the situation is unusual, it has not warranted any concern from any of the people involved. And while the girls do not generally dress alike, the teacher at times has a bit of a challenge keeping the girls straight. Don't we all! Reese has lost both of her bottom front teeth, and Reagan has lost one.

Treyton started preschool, and his first day of school was very exciting. He had his lunch box, his back pack, new sneakers, bounded into the building, grinning ear to ear. That is, until Daddy headed for the door, then he dissolved into a screaming, crying heartbroken mess. I got the call at work and could hardly contain myself for the day until it was time to pick up my baby. He's loved it since, but that first day was traumatic for mom and dad!

As for me, I got a great promotion at work late in the summer, which consumes me. I love it, but it's an enormous learning curve with bigger responsibilities, bigger deadlines, bigger salary, longer hours. The juggling act got an extra couple of balls thrown in, and it's been quite the challenge to be super mom.

In conjunction with the new job, we finally had our 1962 kitchen demolished and renovated. It is in the final phase, and it is amazing!!! It is a thrill to think of the extra space we will have, including a mud room, with hooks and cubbies for each of us! Under-cabinet lighting! An island! More counter space! More cabinet space! I can't wait to christen it!

We've had a busy year, but we have our health, our good fortune, and each other. Life is good.

~ Stacy

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