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Entry 45 ~ July 1, 2014
~ Happy Summer!

The school year drew to a close, and each of my kids have grown at least a couple of inches over the past year. If I sit back and ponder it, it astounds me how quickly they grow. I hate it. Reagan has lost an upper front tooth, which completely changes how she looks. Trey is learning to read completely on his own, and Brody is always biking around the neighborhood with his pals. Reese is Mama's little helper and always under my feet to help me out. There's so much I want to do with them, so much to teach, so many experiences I want them to have before they grow up on me!

The last time we went to the ocean, Trey wasn't thought of. The twins were just over a year old, and barely walking. I wrote about it in Entry 6 - Another Driver, Another Valium, Please. And after the harrowing day that we had, I swore I wouldn't go back again until the kids were older, not ever thinking that there would be another kid on the way, or that it would be a whole five years. Now that Trey is four, we will be making a trip to the ocean. Crashing waves, sand, seagulls, Cool Ranch Doritos, I can't wait!

Ernie and I used to take a week vacation at the beach in the Narragansett, Rhode Island area with Kelly, Kristin, and Kassie. We'd rent a house and hit the beach every day. After the twins arrived, we realized that we would have to rent a house big enough for eight people, which at the time, was beyond our ability to oversee everyone. That was the year we decided to head to Maine to the lake, where we had complete privacy and could keep a close eye on everyone at all times. While the older girls have fond memories of the ocean vacations, the younger children have fond memories of the lake. It's high time to ride waves with the little ones.

While we will still vacation in Maine in August, we've decided to hit the beach too, though for only a day or two. I used to ride waves with the older girls, and I'm hoping this old body isn't too creaky to ride them with the younger kids too. I'm looking forward to searching for seashells and pretty rocks, to laying on a sandy blanket with the kids and listening to the waves crashing. I want dig holes and build sand castles. The kids are going to love it. HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!

~ Stacy

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