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Entry 8 ~ September 18, 2009
Welcome to the Freak Show!

It feels like it's been too long since I've checked in, and looking at my last entry, I realized that I am well overdue. There's been so much going on since my last journal, which as any parent can appreciate, involved those last minute school preparations, doctor's appointments, and so on and so forth. We squeezed in two dental cleanings for the older girls. Kassie had her wisdom teeth removed and the following week started her first job. She also had field hockey camp and a field hockey clinic, while Kristin prepared to leave for college.

Finally Kristin's big day arrived. She left a week early to try out for the field hockey team, which was by invitation only. She is only an hour away, so it was easy enough to get her packed and and ready to go. With the car packed, the tearful good-byes with the boyfriend, we all piled in and off we went. On arrival Kristin checked in and was assigned to her temporary dorm room. I had the twins in their double stroller, while Ernie, Kristin and Kassie had Kristin's stuff, Brody running circles among us. Kristin was assigned to the fourth floor. We got to the bottom of the stairs, and I, with the stroller, commented, "okay, where is the elevator." A very handsome young man behind us said, "You're looking at it," and he asked me if I needed a hand. I sure did. I plucked Reagan (the heavier one, LOL) from the stroller and handed her to him, while I loosened Reese and picked her up. The fellow didn't miss a beat and carried Reagan up four flights of stairs, with my four-month pregnant body huffing and puffing right behind him. Reagan screamed when he put her down, apparently having taken quite a liking to him over those four flights. I was just grateful for the extra set of hands and told him she'd be fine, not to worry, she already has a boyfriend.

As Kristin settled in, a little nervous and clearly scared, we decided to pack the troops and head home. A couple of stops to the bathroom, several drinks at a water fountain, chats with several parents who thought the twins were oh-so-cute, a conversation with one of the assistant coaches who is an identical twin, a diaper change, and an hour later we were on our way. I relayed our experience to a friend of mine, who has three children and also raised her niece and nephew. Her comment although entirely accurate, threw me for a loop: "See, now you're the freak show that I used to be."

Freak show. That one stopped me in my tracks. My friend made the comment in jest. But I stopped to think. I've got two older girls and an older husband. Then Brody and identical twins. Not that I contemplate this with any particular frequency, but I can only imagine what strangers must ponder when they see the seven of us, with me pregnant to boot. I have to laugh at the thought of it, my own little freak show.

After less than a week of tryouts, Kristin was informed that she made the team. I felt pleasantly surprised, as she made little effort to get herself into shape over the summer, and was running at the very back of the pack. Her stick skills got her through, and she is already in the swing of school and field hockey games. The proud parent in me has to brag that she actually started in her very first game and has gotten lots of playing time. Being an hour away, we've been able to see a few games.

First week of September arrived; Kassie started school, and Brody started back at preschool. The sudden routine has gripped us, although we fell into it rather easily. Kassie is taking all honors courses and has a heavy work load, in addition to playing field hockey. Nearly every day when she gets in the car after practice, her first comment is, "I have SO MUCH homework!"

Brody has had a less stressful time of it in preschool. His biggest concern before school started was whether or not they would make him lie on a cot for nap time, since he is a big boy now and does not nap. I had a quick chat with the administrator, and Brody spends the quiet hour with the school age group. He is happy with this new routine and is enjoying going to school more than ever.

The pregnancy is going well. I've gained only seven pounds and am at week 19. In the past two weeks, I have felt more movement and my belly seems to have popped a bit. At my appointment next week, I will be given the standard ultrasound to screen for health and also find out the baby's gender. Being pregnant with a singleton after twins, is a piece of cake!

~ Stacy

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