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Entry 9 ~ October 13, 2009
It's a . . .

It's a boy!

We are expecting a healthy baby boy in February. We are happy no matter whether it's a girl or boy. Nevertheless, the fact that it's a boy makes our lives logistically less of a nightmare. Eventually the baby boy will share a bedroom with Brody. I also have a very good friend whose son has lots of Brody's old clothes, and many of those clothes will be coming back to our household.

The pregnancy continues to go well. I've received word as to when my c-section is scheduled, which will be early February. My weight gain is well within control and overall, I feel well. I still have no maternity clothes, save for a pair of ugly purple velvet jeans that somehow didn't make it into any of the bags of maternity clothes that I've given away. In my desperation for clothes to wear, I have discovered the belly band. It's a tube that goes around your waist, so you can wear pants that won't button anymore. It smoothes out your belly and hides the fact that you can no longer button your pants. I really hope that its inventor is really, really rich.

Speaking of rich, Kassie and I went to the bank last week and opened her first checking account. She had two uncashed paychecks that were burning a hole in her pocket. She resisted me every step of the way but grudgingly agreed that she needed to open an account. Since she doesn't understand banking, she doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Of course, this was after I explained what the FDIC was and its function, and the fact that since she would only have a few hundred dollars in the bank that it would be fully insured if the bank failed. I launched into a diatribe of banking, financial services, 401K, IRA versus Roth IRA, the stock market and that as women we need to control and understand our finances, our lives, etc, etc. I hoped my vehemence made some kind of impression. She patiently listened and asked, "Can't I just put my money under my mattress?" Had I been standing near a wall, I would have beat my head against it.

On a less aggravating note, all three of the little ones have had head colds for the past couple of weeks and seemed to be taking far too long to recover. I finally took the babies to the doctor and the diagnosis was sinus infection for both, with a 14-day prescription for amoxicillin. Get this - at 18 months old, this is the very first time that either of them have been on any kind of prescription medication. Healthy girls!

BrodyBrody had his annual well care visit last week. My boy grew six inches in the past year! What a weed! I was astounded, but then once I thought about it, he has outgrown everything he owns. He too, was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection. After a few days, all the little ones are feeling better and there are no more noses to continually wipe!

And now that Brody has turned four, there are things that we feel it is high time he learned. Several weeks ago, I began insisting that he stay seated at the dinner table while we eat. When I am back and forth to the kitchen, he had a tendency to follow me. Furthermore, he has learned to clear his own plate to the sink and ask, "May I please be excused?" So far so good, and Brody seems perfectly happy with the change in routine, and I feel confident that we are moving forward with age appropriate choices.

We also had an issue with lying recently. I caught Brody in a lie. I sat him down and explained what it means to tell the truth and what it means to tell a lie. I told him going forward, he would be punished for not telling the truth - no dessert after dinner and no disney channel for a day . . . not that he watches television other than during breakfast, but the scare seemed to make an impression on him. Last night I noticed a pair of pajama bottoms strewn over the top of our grandfather clock. I asked Brody how they might have arrived there, and he replied, "They just flew up there." With a quick reminder on telling the truth, he fessed up and said he was swinging them around and let go and they landed up there. The truth was told; mission accomplished.

Otherwise, lately, I find myself just trying to stay afloat, stressed out, feeling blah, while juggling everyone and spreading my love and attention and affection among them. Maybe I feel this way because the pregnancy has sapped my usual high level of energy. My brother asked me this morning, "How do you do it?" I knew he was not only asking me how I manage life now and work outside the home, but also how am I going to manage with another baby? Working full time, maintaining a marriage, managing a college education, a high school student, a preschooler and chasing twins, with another baby on the way, I don't know how I will do it. I'll just do it!

~ Stacy

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